All I can say is wow! Eating clean has made such an impact not only to my amazing new body, but also to the way I feel!

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Latest Recipes

Anzac Day Biscuits

Anzac Day Biscuits

A take of the traditional ANZAC day biscuit

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Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns

A healthy make over on the traditional hot cross bun!

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Banana Blueberry Oats

Banana Blueberry Oats

A delicious, filling and nutritious breakfast suitable for every morning!

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A moment to treasure

A moment to treasure

A sandwich style treat inspired by a traditional 'melting moment', the crunchy...

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Latest Articles

My Top #5 at home exercises to lose inches and tone up (without getting bulky)

My Top #5 at home exercises to lose...

25th Jul 2014

These days, my focus is on my family. So I have to build exercise around my...

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How to banish your mummy tummy and lose stomach flab to reveal ABS

How to banish your mummy tummy and lose...

23rd Jul 2014

Losing the muffin top, love handles, mummy tummy or loose skin and flab to...

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Exercising for Fat Loss: The Biggest Mistake Virtually Everyone Makes (& What to do Instead)

Exercising for Fat Loss: The Biggest...

21st Jul 2014

This may surprise you, but only doing cardio is the biggest mistake you can...

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Self Tanners- Tested and Rated!

Self Tanners- Tested and Rated!

17th Jul 2014

You gave me the brands you wanted me to try- I put them to the test, every...

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Understanding 'supplements'

Understanding 'supplements'

03rd Jul 2014

Supplements are more than fat burners or protein powders, supplements are...

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Sophie Guidolin – Clean Eating & WHOLEFOODS For Weight Loss, Health and Well Being.

Hi, My name is Sophie Guidolin, Australian born Fitness Model and mother of two.

Welcome to my website of motivation, clean eating, inspiration and free recipes to get you started on your weight loss, or healthy lifestyle change!

Here you will find everything to need to embark on your new lifestyle change! Whether it’s weight loss, muscle definition, post baby shape up, pre wedding transformation, fitness modeling or a healthy lifestyle change everything you need is within the one site!

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Success Stories

  • Katie
    Katie 17 kilos already down thanks to the clean eating guidelines!
    Chantelle Chantelle has lost 8kgs already, only 2 weeks into her custom ongoing post baby plan!
  • Chelsea
    Chelsea Amazing results from a track and field athlete!!
    Sam The clean eating diet plan, is also for males wanting to tone, build muscle and lose body fat!
    Tara 4 weeks on our post baby program, Tara is already 4kgs down- only using correct nutrition and diet- no training yet!
    Reney "Incredible transformation from following Sophie's guidelines!"
  • Bailey
    Bailey Only 4 weeks into the diet plan- the results speak for themselves!
    Melissa Over 18 kilos down from the clean eating plan!
    Natalja Even whilst travelling, i maintained my lean body by following your guidelines!
    Annon 3 Month Progress, Thanks to Sophie for the inspiration and support! Here's to leaner living!
  • Megan
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