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Latest Recipes

Raw Christmas Cake

Raw Christmas Cake

A delicious, raw alternative this festive season!

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Rice Crackles

Rice Crackles

A healthy take on a childhood favourite!

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Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding

A healthy spin on the Christmas Favourite!

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Cold Rolls

Cold Rolls

A delicious, healthy snack/meal that caters for everyones needs!

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Creamy Quinoa Porridge

Creamy Quinoa Porridge

A delicious alternative to oats!

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Latest Articles

Tracking Results & how it can benefit YOU!

Tracking Results & how it can benefit...

27th May 2015

Do you monitor your progress and adapt with the results?

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Food preparation, one of the keys to success!

Food preparation, one of the keys to...

25th May 2015

Do you prepare your meals in advance with a clear plan of what you will be...

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After 15 years the pyramid has been updated!

After 15 years the pyramid has been...

20th May 2015

Australian's had their nutrition guidelines updated yesterday for the first...

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Celebrate what makes your family great!

Celebrate what makes your family great!

19th May 2015

Celebrating National Families Week, reflecting on what makes my family great!...

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Pregnancy blog #3 Healthy weight gain in pregnancy

Pregnancy blog #3 Healthy weight gain...

12th May 2015

Just how much weight is too much weight to gain whilst pregnant? What does the...

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Sophie Guidolin – Australian Born Fitness model & mother of two!

A Clean Eating & WHOLEFOOD advocate For Weight Loss, Health and Well Being. Qualified nutritionist, trainer & coach!

My aim is to inspire and motivate others to embark on a healthy lifestyle change or weight loss, through clean eating. 

Here you will find everything to need to start you on your new lifestyle change! Whether it’s weight loss, muscle definition, post baby shape up, pre wedding transformation, fitness modeling or a healthy lifestyle change everything you need is within the one site!

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Success Stories

  • Reney
    Reney "Incredible transformation from following Sophie's guidelines!"
    Meg I wanted to begin by thanking you for being such an inspiration and passing on your knowledge the way you do.
    Bailey Only 4 weeks into the diet plan- the results speak for themselves!
  • Annon
    Annon Following the protocols of Sophie Guidolin's Meal Plans & Training programs have seen the AMAZING results below!
    Chantelle Chantelle has lost 8kgs already, only 2 weeks into her custom ongoing post baby plan!
    Annon 3 Month Progress, Thanks to Sophie for the inspiration and support! Here's to leaner living!
    Chelsea Amazing results from a track and field athlete!!
  • Alisha
    Alisha I absolutely love following your journey, reading your articles and following your clean eating advice!
    Natalie 4 weeks in!
    Natalja Even whilst travelling, i maintained my lean body by following your guidelines!
    Danika "Feeling so much healthier and loving exercise now, I started clean eating thanks to Sophie Guidolin!"
  • Kristy Potts
    Kristy Potts 50 kilos down in a year! Thank you for bringing out eat clean, live lean. I have been cooking and preparing my meals from it since i purchased it months ago, its fantastic.
    Katie 17 kilos already down thanks to the clean eating guidelines!
    Sam The clean eating diet plan, is also for males wanting to tone, build muscle and lose body fat!
  • Rachelle
    Rachelle Incredible results, following the clean eating guidelines & total body transformation guide!
    Farnoush The left picture is on 80 kg The right one 58kg It is unbelievable what you can do if you just believe and just do it and stay focus.
    Sam Your books inspire me immensely and you are a true idol.
    Melissa Over 18 kilos down from the clean eating plan!
  • Stacee
    Stacee still a fair way to go but 2 years of clean eating & exercise :) never felt better :)
    Joanne Check out this progress in only 12 WEEKS!!!
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