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Sophie Guidolin is an Australian born author, with her 7 published recipe books being loved to death in tens of thousands of households. She is the queen of multitasking, thrives on organised chaos and creates nourishing goodness from her family kitchen in the NSW coast. Along with being a mother-of-four, Sophie is a nutritionist, recipe creator, personal trainer, fitness model, professional IFBB bikini athlete and writer, and relishes in the craziness of it all! She still gets butterflies from her husband, Nathan and savours every quiet second they can squeeze in with their four kids, including their twin girls. Sophie lives for the days spent in the kitchen cooking, but when she is not, she is never far from her children, usually at the beach or nestled with a book somewhere sunny. Sophie is also the OG of THE BOD, a global movement of men and women changing their lives for the better through nutrition and exercise.

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