Sophie Guidolin

Welcome. I’m Sophie.

Better known, affectionately, as 'mum', now 'bro'. (teens)

I am a NLP master practitioner, published author, fitness model, qualified trainer, nutritionist and wellness advocate.

Yes, I do drive a wanky car, I also have a no BS approach and my life is chaos. AND I am here for it all. I also KNOW nutrition and I KNOW how to get women results. 

Let me set the scene, it is 2023, I have experienced life's full scale of emotions, (in the public eye mind you!) and here I am, feeling beyond proud as my purpose driven brand, THE BOD, has just reached 10 years in business. 

Do you know how good your bod is designed to feel? 

I mean, really feel? Do you wake up full of energy?

Or are you a self sabotager? 

I have learnt the exact method to stop this by using NLP modalities with nutrition to get you lasting results. Let me tell you more about me. 

 My journey in health and fitness started in 2012 when I competed in my first ever fitness competition. After winning numerous titles and world rankings, (I know, wank wank) however, it is important you understand I am dedicated to this! I became committed to developing my own training and nutrition programs that would help women change their lives, achieve their body goals and regain their confidence. Today THE BOD is helping thousands of women around the globe smash their health and fitness goals and I couldn’t be prouder of my BODBabes.

Being a mama to four kids (I was blessed with twins!), I know life can get super busy, super quick. That’s why over the years I’ve created several recipe books bursting with quick, easy, and nutritious meals that all the family will love. My kids and I love whipping up these recipes in the kitchen and I hope yours will too!

I'm SO passionate about empowering and inspiring other women to be so fulfilled and aligned with their purpose, and launching Flourish and Fulfilled in 2020 has allowed me to watch women manifest the life they truly want and deserve. It’s been a dream to be on this journey with them! And this is just the beginning of what’s to come.

 When I’m not working you’ll find me on the beach with my kids, testing a new recipe in the kitchen, or curling up with a good book somewhere sunny. I am NOT your girl if you are triggered by a bikini, tough love or me living my best life. 

I would LOVE to hear from you so reach out on my socials, if you are not a troll, that is ;) Connect with me on my socials below, Sophie x