Huge Announcement: 2021 Face of Reebok Pacific

Huge Announcement: 2021 Face of Reebok Pacific

I knew that 2021 was going to be incredible, but the power of your mind continues to amaze me!

I have tears streaming as I am writing this, as I am SO proud, I am SO excited and feel like dancing in the rain with happiness.

When I first started in the fitness industry in 2012 - there were a few dream brands I always had my eyes set on. As a master manifester, I believe the universe works when we least expect it, but always for us.

A couple of week’s back I had an energy clearing ceremony where I burnt every emotion I no longer wanted to feel within my life, within my partnerships, and within my life.

During this process, I received a phone call (the very next day!) from the agency for an interview to discuss the potential of becoming the 2021 Face of Reebok Pacific.

2021 Face of Reebok Pacific | Sophie Guidolin 

2021 Face of Reebok Pacific | Sophie Guidolin

As a 31 year old, I grew up with Reebok, my mum wore Reebok and now my sons (12 & 13) wear Reebok. I only ever align with brands I genuinely adore and use. 

When Reebok reached out to me - I actually thought it was a prank. I double questioned that they knew I was woo woo, and that I am strong in my beliefs and opinions. That I come with children and scars and a story. I think that’s why I am so thrilled with the partnership, because it is a real brand alignment, as I am. Me. This brand partnership is all about empowering women to own their story, the skin they're in and to encourage the movement. 

I honestly double-took and was so shocked at how quickly my life alignment was happening. I am the driver in my life - I decide the directions, instead of it being in auto pilot. I CHOOSE where it takes me. This is powerful. 

Reebok is one of those dream brands for me. 

To me, reebok is a universally iconic brand. Everyone loves a pair of white Reebok’s and almost everyone young and old knows and adores the brand.

Plus, it has boosted my ‘cool mum’ rating with the boys! Hahaha 

2021 Face of Reebok Pacific | Sophie Guidolin 2021 Face of Reebok Pacific | Sophie Guidolin

I am so so thrilled to represent an iconic brand like Reebok, being the face for the Pacific is such a huge honour and I am so excited to have a brand that aligns with my own mission and mantra of helping empower women to be the best versions of themselves - in mind and body. 

In 2021, I am excited to reach even more women and help empower them with THE BOD, Reebok and Flourish & Fulfilled

Check out the BTS of my Global Campaign Shoot below for the launch of Nano X1:

Here's to 2021!

Sophie x


  • Jodi

    Congratulations Sophie it’s good to see women owning who they are and standing strong in their beliefs ❤️

  • Sandra

    Damn awesome news….love this brand!

  • Nikki

    Congratulations Sophie,
    I love Reebok! I am really happy to watch you grow and become your best self. You go girl xx

  • Clare

    Congratulations Sophie! This is incredible. Reebok are lucky to have you!

  • Miriam

    Nothing wrong with Woo Woo! We are the creators of our lives. I love reading stories like this. Just reinforces everything I know to be true. Go you and Go Reebok for choosing an amazing ambassador. xx

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