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FITNESS TERMINOLOGY: 'raw', 'paleo', 'pump'?

Gym jargon, fitness terminology and workout words…the terminology you hear in the gym has a meaning!


Pre-workout is not just limited to the chemical powders you've heard of. It's also defined as the energy source you consume prior to a workout to fuel you- whether it be food, drink or a powder. The carbohydrates in fruit break down and absorb quickly, so something like a banana or smoothie is great for endurance and circuit training. If you’re looking to build muscle; meals like chicken, veggie omelettes and turkey lettuce wraps are a protein rich energy source. If you prefer store-bought pre-workout in powder form, I trust Gentec Australia to produce clean, quality products.   Flat lay of blueberries, nuts, raspberries and fruit  


To really maximise the benefits of your workout, you would consume an energy source to replenish you and repair torn muscle. (better known as post-workout!) A protein shake is a convenient way to get your post-workout in on a run. However, I believe that this should only be done if you're strapped for time. Try and source your post-workout fuel from whole foods- a combination of protein and carbohydrates after your workout will benefit you the most and restore your energy.  


A pump is first noticed in the weight lifting section of your gym. Muscle pump signals training effectiveness and growth in the long run. Blood flows to the muscles while lifting, tightening and contracting, then creating a pumped up look.  


If you see the word 'raw' on food labels, menus or packaging, this simply means that all the ingredients present in the product have not been heated past 33-46 degrees. (typically) This is to ensure the nutrients in the food are kept in its 'raw' state and the natural enzymes and nutrients present are preserved. Take a look at the delicious, raw recipes in my recipe section!


Paleo is another foodie term that’s been floating around. The paleo diet is derived from traditional eating habits even before agriculture was around! This means no packaged or processed food, wheat or even legumes. The paleo diet is rich in meat and seafood, vegetables, fruit with some nuts, seeds and dairy. You won’t find much processed food, sugar or wheat in this diet. With a lack of wheat and starchy vegetables, paleo dieters source a lot of their carbohydrates from other vegetables and fruit and there is the occasional gluten-free grain like rice and quinoa present.  


A PB is simply a ‘personal best’. PB’s are for you, you want to beat your PB’s and increase them as you progress. A PB can apply to any kind of exercise. Whether it be the furthest you can sprint in a minute, the most you can squat 10 times or the most number of push-ups you can perform without stopping.


When you see phrases such as ‘do this exercise while maintaining form’ or ‘perform this in the correct technique throughout’, it is a reference to the way you carry out the exercise. Correct form should be a priority before you consider adding weights or increasing intensity. You need to ensure your posture is correct and you are engaging the correct muscles so that you prevent short-term and long-term injuries.  


Yes, there are healthy fats. Fats are essential in our diets. They protect our organs, prevent heart disease, clear your arteries, produce good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol. Add healthy-fat foods like avocado, raw nuts, oily fish and plant based cooking oils to your grocery list for your next trip to the supermarket!

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