Free- Health is Wealth Challenge

Free- Health is Wealth Challenge

I decided to do a 30 day 'challenge'- document as a daily vlog.

Everyday for 30 days I set myself a ‘mini goal’ from each heading:


This is simply a ‘health is wealth’ THE BOD edit style challenge, no weight loss target, or specific end goal except radical accountability and personal growth. There is no group, book or sign up- it is just me, trying to improve myself every day and embrace spring - feel free to join in at any time, I am posting these as daily vlog styles. Please note, some of these maybe super small, trivial acts I am personally performing, however it is important this is maintainable for me, is simply about being a better human each day and accountability- not preaching, just sharing. Choose your own each day if you wish🧚🏼

 Here's a 30-day plan for each of the headings:



1. Listen to a podcast.

2. Read a chapter from a non-fiction book.

3. Watch a TED talk.

4. Discuss a topic of interest with someone.

5. Attend an online workshop or seminar.

6. Write a summary of what you've learned this week.

7. Explore a new genre of literature.

8. Watch a documentary.

9. Research a historical event.

10. Learn about a different culture or religion.

11. Solve a puzzle or brainteaser.

12. Study a new language for 20 minutes.

13. Reflect on a personal belief and find counter-arguments.

14. Write a short essay or article.

15. Listen to classical music and research its history.

16. Read a philosophical article.

17. Join a book club or discussion group.

18. Try a brain-training app.

19. Explore a new subject on an online learning platform.

20. Listen to a new podcast series.

21. Start a DIY project that challenges you.

22. Visit a museum (virtually or in-person).

23. Watch a critically acclaimed movie and analyze it.

24. Try a new type of creative art or craft.

25. Write a poem or short story.

26. Analyze a news article critically.

27. Attend a lecture or talk.

28. Watch an intellectual debate online.

29. Explore scientific articles on a subject of interest.

30. Review and recap this month's intellectual growth.



1. Spend time in nature.

2. Meditate for 10 minutes.

3. Reflect on your personal beliefs.

4. Read spiritual literature.

5. Visit a place of worship.

6. Write a gratitude list.

7. Practice mindfulness.

8. Listen to spiritual music.

9. Read about another religion.

10. Attend a spiritual gathering or seminar.

11. Take a spiritual retreat (even if just for a day).

12. Practice yoga or tai chi.

13. Watch a spiritual documentary.

14. Journal about your spiritual journey.

15. Practice deep breathing exercises.

16. Light a candle and contemplate its flame.

17. Visit a sacred place or landmark.

18. Participate in a spiritual ritual.

19. Spend a day in silence.

20. Practice random acts of kindness.

21. Reflect on the idea of forgiveness.

22. Study sacred texts or writings.

23. Go on a nature hike, and truly observe.

24. Listen to nature sounds or guided meditations.

25. Write down your dreams and analyze them.

26. Dedicate a day to self-reflection.

27. Practice grounding exercises.

28. Attend a spiritual or religious service.

29. Practice a day of fasting or self-restraint.

30. Review and recap this month's spiritual insights.



1. Write in a journal.

2. Practice 10 minutes of deep breathing.

3. List 5 things you're grateful for.

4. Watch a heartwarming movie.

5. Listen to uplifting music.

6. Speak with a loved one about your feelings.

7. Read a poem or piece of literature that touches the heart.

8. Practice a self-love ritual.

9. Write a letter to yourself, to read in a year.

10. Reflect on a past event and write down the lessons learned.

11. Engage in a hobby you love.

12. Watch a sunset or sunrise.

13. Take a mental health day off.

14. Seek out positive stories in the news.

15. Engage in a random act of kindness.

16. Express your feelings through art or music.

17. Take a warm, relaxing bath.

18. Revisit cherished memories through photos.

19. Connect with a support group or therapy session.

20. Watch or read something that makes you laugh.

21. List out personal achievements.

22. Practice positive affirmations.

23. Have a deep, meaningful conversation with a friend.

24. Cry if you need to; it's a healthy release.

25. Write down your fears and confront them.

26. Reflect on what truly makes you happy.

27. Practice empathy by listening to someone else's story.

28. Reconnect with an old friend.

29. Spend a day pampering yourself.

30. Review your emotional journey for the month.



1. Eat your greens.

2. Take a 30-minute walk.

3. Stretch or do yoga.

4. Drink 8 glasses of water.

5. Try a new sport or physical activity.

6. Commit to a short workout routine.

7. Cook a new, healthy recipe.

8. Sleep for at least 7-8 hours.

9. Avoid processed foods for a day.

10. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

11. Go for a nature hike.

12. Attend a dance class.

13. Engage in strength training.

14. Learn about the benefits of a new fruit or vegetable.

15. Go swimming.

16. Attend a physical health workshop.

17. Bike instead of driving.

18. Try a home workout video.

19. Participate in team sports.

20. Go to bed early.

21. Learn about the importance of a balanced diet.

22. Try a new health drink or smoothie.

23. Go on a digital detox for a day.

24. Get a massage.

25. Spend time in a posture-correcting exercise.

26. Avoid caffeine or sugar for a day.

27. Engage in outdoor activities or sports.

28. Join a local fitness group or club.

29. Meditate or practice deep breathing for relaxation.

30. Review your physical activities and set goals for the next month.



1. Host a girls' night.

2. Join a club or group of interest.

3. Volunteer in the community.

4. Have a picnic with friends.

5. Engage in a group hobby.

6. Attend a social gathering or party.

7. Call an old friend.

8. Collaborate on a project with peers.

9. Attend a public event or show.

10. Cook and share a meal with neighbors.

11. Organize a group outing.

12. Engage in a board game night.

13. Go to a community meeting.

14. Attend a workshop or class.

15. Organize a theme party.

16. Volunteer at a local shelter or community center.

17. Attend a live performance or concert.

18. Visit a local museum or art gallery with friends.

19. Join a discussion or book club.

20. Go out for coffee with a colleague.

21. Take a group fitness class.

22. Attend a movie night.

23. Engage in team sports.

24. Host a potluck dinner.

25. Go camping with friends.

26. Attend a local farmers' market.

27. Participate in a community cleanup.

28. Join a social media group of interest.

29. Play a multiplayer online game with friends.

30. Reflect on social connections made this month.




1. Review your spending habits.

2. Set a monthly budget.

3. Save 10% of today's earnings.

4. Research an investment opportunity.

5. Attend a financial planning workshop.

6. Declutter and sell items you no longer need.

7. Cook at home instead of eating out.

8. Review and understand your monthly bills.

9. Open a new savings account or investment fund.

10. Learn about taxes and how to save on them.

11. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions or memberships.

12. Learn about a new financial tool or app.

13. Read a book on financial literacy.

14. Discuss financial goals with a partner or family.

15. Set a financial challenge for the week (e.g., no spending on luxuries).

16. Review your credit score.

17. Explore side hustles or freelance opportunities.

18. Attend a seminar on retirement planning.

19. Shop using discounts or coupons.

20. Research and understand your workplace benefits.

21. Set aside emergency funds.

22. Avoid impulse buying today.

23. Invest in a course or book that increases your skills and earning potential.

24. Review and adjust your financial goals.

25. Compare prices before making a major purchase.

26. Consult with a financial advisor.

27. Read about the economy and how it might affect your finances.

28. Revisit and adjust your monthly budget.

29. Plan a financial roadmap for the next 5 years.

30. Reflect on financial growth and achievements this month.



1. Create a sacred space.

2. Plant a tree or flower.

3. Recycle or compost waste.

4. Use public transport or carpool.

5. Decrease water usage (e.g., shorter showers).

6. Join a local environmental group or cleanup.

7. Purchase a reusable water bottle or bag.

8. Research sustainable living practices.

9. Reduce electricity usage (turn off lights, unplug unused devices).

10. Attend a workshop on sustainable living.

11. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

12. Organize a neighborhood cleanup.

13. Watch a documentary on the environment.

14. Go on a zero-waste challenge for the day.

15. Buy local produce.

16. Repair instead of buying new.

17. Learn about renewable energy.

18. Avoid using single-use plastics.

19. Plant a vegetable garden.

20. Educate others about the importance of environmental conservation.

21. Read a book on sustainable living.

22. Save paper – go digital.

23. Reduce your carbon footprint (e.g., eat vegetarian for a day).

24. Visit a farmers' market.

25. Conserve energy by using natural light.

26. Create an upcycling project.

27. Research and use green technology or apps.

28. Install energy-efficient bulbs or appliances.

29. Set a monthly environmental goal.

30. Reflect on your environmental actions this month.



1. Learn a new skill.

2. Attend a workshop or seminar related to your job.

3. Network with colleagues or professionals in your industry.

4. Update your CV or LinkedIn profile.

5. Take an online course.

6. Read a book related to your field.

7. Seek feedback on your performance.

8. Set short-term career goals.

9. Research potential career advancements or paths.

10. Engage in a hobby that improves work skills (e.g., public speaking club).

11. Mentor or guide a junior in your field.

12. Attend a professional networking event.

13. Volunteer for a project at work.

14. Practice a work-life balance day.

15. Work on a personal project or side hustle.

16. Seek out leadership opportunities.

17. Watch a webinar in your field.

18. Explore freelancing opportunities.

19. Negotiate or discuss benefits with your employer.

20. Organize your workspace for efficiency.

21. Develop a strategy to overcome work challenges.

22. Collaborate with a colleague on a new initiative.

23. Challenge yourself with a task outside your comfort zone.

24. Attend a job fair or explore new job opportunities.

25. Reflect on your work achievements and challenges.

26. Learn about new tools or technologies in your industry.

27. Share your expertise through a blog or vlog.

28. Seek out opportunities for additional training.

29. Join a professional association or club.

30. Review and set occupational goals for the next month.


If you head to my instagram you will note the daily vlogs vary from the above as some of the days I didn’t achieve them- but everyday I showed up! 

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