How I Budget & Reduce Expenses For GROCERIES!

How I Budget & Reduce Expenses For GROCERIES!

Recently sharing my grocery shop cost, I was shocked that a standard weekly grocery bill (based on my community who responded was between $500-$700 weekly!)

Here are some of my cost saving, budget tips when it comes to keeping costs down with groceries! 

Meal Plan

Plan out the week ahead, I use a family diary and I have everything in there- obviously in ISO we don't have a lot of family outings, so every meal is eaten in, however usually we may eat 'out' 2 or so nights a week- these need to be factored in. I plan out large dishes that can then double up as lunches the following day- or god forbid, left overs or a base for the following nights dinner. 

Base Dishes

I have a bunch of 'base' dishes- like my savoury mince dish- that I use for other dishes- say nachos, stuffed potatoes, lasagna, pasta bake-the list goes on! 

Buy in Season 

Who care's that your kids love peaches. Buy in season- expand their taste buds- it encourages a broader selection and also saves you HEAPS. 


Experiment with different foods in recipes that are in season! Swap, swap, swap. Experiment and play with your foods! 

Bulk out your meals 

Use lentils, eggplant, tofu, crushed tomatoes to bulk out your meals. This will make a 4 serve dish turn into a 6-8 serve dish! 

Add a side to Meals (Salad, rice or Vegetables) 

Adding a side to meals means less of the expensive meal, more of the good stuff, and cheaper sides! 

Buy in Bulk 

Cha-ching! This one is HUGE. ALWAYS. I know we love oat milk- it is often half price, so when it is, I buy 2- 3 weeks worth until next sale. I do this with certain things- oat milk, rice, tinned things. 

I also buy meat in bulk and freeze. 

Buy Local 

So much yes in this. If you live in a city, I get it, however where I live (or better yet!) where I grew up, there are road side stalls that have eggs, fresh produce, honey (LOCAL!) and soooo much more- so cheap, bulk AND YOUR SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY! 

Shop Farms

Local farms usually do fruit trays- atm a HUGE tray here is $25! 

Shop Specials 

Yep, I will often go between Coles and Woolworths with what we usually buy, depending on what is on sale. 

Make your own 

This. Learn to cook. Learn the basics and once you have, it not only tastes better, but is SO much cheaper! 


I know they are SO expensive, however you can get replicas for around $300! Mine cost $2000 in 2014 and I have used it everyday for the last 6 years! I am often asked if I have any affiliation, the answer is no- but I do think it has been worth the money! It literally allows those who perhaps don't have the confidence to cook, to make things from scratch, so easily and quickly- check out my thermomix book here for examples. 


I hope you all enjoyed that quick brain dump of how I keep my weekly grocery shop costs down! 

Don't forget, Budget Meals launches this Sunday, 3rd May at 7am AEST! Join me in the kitchen! 



  • carolyn


    Thank you I Love your book ;)

    I would soo love a thermo recipe for oat milk (lots of nasties in shop one)
    oh …..& where is the diary you buy from. I think you are in Melbourne too!

    X Happy Mother’s Day. ;) Carolyn Irons

  • Talia

    Hi Sophie, just want to say wow….and congratulations!! What a way to turn the shitty hand you got dealt with the gym by putting out something that much of the world needs right now! (Obviously it’s in no way a comparison between the 2 but good on you for seeing something positive from this time) Your a machine, I don’t know how you balance it all! I have 6 of your books and I can’t wait for this one xx

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