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I'm restarting The Bod!

This September 4th (Monday) is a fresh start for me - and I hope it will be for many of you too!

  I'm restarting The Bod. As many of you following along on snapchat know, life has been an absolute whirlwind. And it's not slowing down anytime soon! From the launch of The Bod Bikini, to the twin's second birthday, travelling for the release of my newest recipe book, school holidays..ahh! I know you know the feels and are most likely busy with SOMETHING (we got this! haha). But... enough is enough - I invite you to restart The Bod program with me and get things consistent again. I will be following The Bod Pro (which is the third level) and sticking to it as closely as I can. I will be tracking my own macros (which is available to anyone following Version 2) and making recipes taken from The Bod as well as some other household favourites. If you're not part of the squad yet, just head to so you can start eating the same recipes and following the same workouts as me!

If you're newer to exercise or sitting somewhere in the middle, not to fret! There is a beginner as well as intermediate level so The Bod can cater to any fitness ability.

No two workout days are the same, and I can the program at home and at the gym (phew). I have chosen to follow Pro but include my own variations as there are several exercises I cannot do. Since I suffer from scoliosis (a curve in my spine) - it's not ideal for exercising. During the years that I've been weight training I have however, been able to strengthen my spine, back and the muscles that support me. My chest reconstruction (and the numerous surgeries along with it) is also a factor that I have to consider. Moves like push-ups are incredibly hard for me so I will limit chest exercises to once a week max. After uploading a few vlogs and receiving some great feedback, I have also decided that another way to keep myself accountable and keep you guys up to date would be to post my progress on YouTube! Would you guys be interested in some vlogs and more of my Bod workouts on YouTube? (aka up for longer than 24 hours and not cut off from snap! ha). I already have some ideas lined up including a workout with Nath (and yes he's already agreed hahah), an outdoor workout and a day in the life of me so you can see how I fit my workouts in. (Here's a hint - it's still dark in the morning when I'm getting up to train.)

I think my body is definitely craving structure and a set program and I would love to see my followers doing it alongside me!

With the 4th also being only days away from the launch of The Bod Bikini - restarting the program is coming at the perfect time before diving into The Bod Bikini summer guide! Let's keep each other accountable and follow each other's journeys! I hope to motivate you guys as much as you motivate me! Make sure you're following me on Insta to see all my live workouts on my story! If you're joining in - let me know on Instagram and tell me which level you'll be doing!

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