Sophie Guidolin's newborn identical twin girls right after being born in black and white


When I found out that the possibility of having a c-section was likely for me with the twins, it was almost as if my worst fear had been confirmed. A c-section was what I had been hoping to avoid. I had been able to give birth naturally to my two sons, and had hoped to be able to have the same experience with the twins. As you do, I turned to Google. I researched the procedure, side effects, potential risks, the scar and everything in between. I spent my nights with late night insomnia researching over and over- and you guessed it- I was left even more fearful for what was going to be a likely event. As much as my ob continued to reassure me that a c-section was ‘easy’, I was freaked out. I was scared, anxious and I was fearful of the unknown.

So with this blog, I aim to give you my honest experience to help any of you who may also be faced with a c-section.

I will start by saying that for me, a vaginal delivery is a natural, incredible experience and one that where possible (and safe!) I recommend. But, with the twins this wasn’t an option. Both of my lovely little ladies were breach, and had decided to push down on my cervix- so by way of a c-section they were delivered. As it wasn’t performed in a rush- it is called an ‘elective c-section’ (although I had no choice in the matter lol). So on the morning of their birthday, I arrived at the hospital with my hubby and we met our birth photographer. We were taken to our room in the maternity ward and I was quickly set up in a gown, labelled and wheeled down stairs in a chair. Nathan wasn’t allowed to come in with me, as it was a sterile area. This was by far the scariest part of the whole thing, alone, needle phobic and scared shit less about being ‘cut open’. I was taken to meet the anaesthetist, and before I knew it, I was bent over getting a spinal. Because I have low blood pressure, and it was really scary as my whole body shut down once this was administered. I was given drugs to bring it back up, and I was soon feeling much better.

Within minutes- literally. I had a baby in my arms.

Every ounce of fear had left my body- it was that quick- an hour after I arrived from the hospital I had my twins in my arms. Whilst I was holding the girls, my OB stitched me up- this took about 30-45 minutes and felt really gross. Almost like someone was playing with my insides (which I guess he kind of was!) After that, I was wheeled to recovery until my blood pressure was back to normal and taken to my room. Getting out of the bed for the first time was quite possibly the hardest things I have done and the most pain out of any of the whole experience. I was worried my insides would fall out and there was a lot of blood. After initially getting out of bed, It was a great recovery, my scar is so so low that no one will ever see it. I swear by SRC recovery shorts and they helped me with my confidence post c-section. In my opinion, a c-section has been an easier recovery than a natural delivery. To me, the whole experience was a positive one and one that I hope will help expecting mums out there who, like me, are facing the possibility of a c-section and have read nothing but horror stories to know that it isn’t all doom and gloom.

A few things that I learnt to be untrue:

  • My OB didn’t cut my abdominals in any way, rather moves them apart.
  • The scar is on my private parts- not my public line (or maybe my hair starts really high hahaha)
  • My scar is under 5cms in length and yes, it opened up HUGE to get the 2 girls out- I think it all comes down to your OB and their methods of birthing.
  • Your recovery back into fitness is longer and harder- My pelvic floors haven’t been effected this pregnancy vs my natural delivery I would have incontinence problems-so I feel this is a bonus.
Every experience is different, but from my experience a c-section was the safest, and best way for me to birth my twin girls and their health is all that matters to me.   I hope that helps a few of you to sleep better tonight. ;)   For my full birth story and photos, please see my blog here BIRTH STORY.

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