Strong and skinny comparison photo of Sophie Guidolin|Sophie Guidolin progress photo from skinny to strong


The other day, I posted this image. SKINNY vs STRONG Sophie Guidolin progress photo from skinny to strong The comments that I (surprisingly!) received were: "Wow, I wish I was as skinny as the photo on the right" "My goal is the right" "Love your body in the second photo" ...... Ummm... are we looking at the same images? Maybe it is due to the fact that an image cannot tell you the feelings behind it, so let me explain to you the whole story behind both of these images.

Right Photo:

I had had two children and had never exercised before in my life, I knew that I had to make a change so I thought I was doing the right thing. I would walk 2-3 hours a day with my two boys in the pram. I had no family around and my ex-husband was serving the country overseas, so I was on my own. It was my only real 'me time' I then thought I would make some changes to my nutrition, and like most people starting out- I thought that cutting out my carbohydrates was the answer. I lost the weight, but I was weak, tired and always sick. I couldn't have squatted more than 20 kilos. I had no muscle or tone.

Left Photo: 

I only gave birth to twins 13 weeks earlier. I am eating well over 2200 calories per day. I am rarely ever sick. I am happy, healthy and energetic. I work full time, with my twins in my office, and my boys at school. I run a successful business and household. I am already squatting over my bodyweight, 3 months after giving birth. I can carry my 7 and 8 year old in my arms together. I eat loads of carbohydrates and (god-forbid) fruit! This is what health and strength looks like, and I love the fact that weight training has shaped my entire body. My waist is smaller than it has ever been and my legs are strong and fit. So, what would YOU prefer? I know that I would prefer STRENGTH and FITNESS! Strong or Skinny? 

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