30 lessons in 30 years

30 lessons in 30 years

This is 30.
30 things I have learnt during my time here.

1 life is hard, difficult, sad and unreasonable.
2 life is also a wonderful, mesmerising, magical thing.
3 every single unique thing about you IS what is beautiful about you
4 everyone is dysfunctional on some level
5 you do not ever need to be in a relationship you do not want to be in- EVER.
6 mid life crisis’s happen every 5 or so years if you do not listen to your intuition & align
7 if you’re stressed about an outfit- always wear heels, in fact- molloni beige ones.
8 you’re probably not actually intolerant to the list you claim- everyone is in great quantities.
9 you are allowed to focus on you and nothing else.
10 every 30 something has those coarse chin hairs that when you pluck them they come back the next day.
11 vaginas are as unique as faces
12 same as penises
13 you can say no, to anything- without justification
14 crave intimacy not attention
15 not every marriage proposal must be received (or should!) With a yes
16 deal with issues stone cold sober
17 your choices do not need to be reflective of your internal moral compass- aka- I am feminist as fuck, but still (admittedly feel weird about chicks with underarm hair)
18 everybody has a bikini body
19 mean girls are not isolated to just high school
20 exercise and nutrition are as important as maths and English
21 you are the sum total of everything that has ever happened to you- every event, every shit thing the mean girls at school said to you, every bad decision and every hug your parents gave you. Every single thing is a butterfly effect of the things you read in dolly doctor, the words your teachers said and the way people have treated you.
22 you don’t need saving
23 every parent is simply winging it, the best they know how
24 a strong mind is more important than strong glutes
25 everything you want, you can have
26 have you own back
27 the newborn phase is not the hardest
28 vulnerability is not weakness
29 learn something new everyday
30 nothing stays the same, nor should it.

What's your lesson's you want to pass onto your children? 

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