Sophie Guidolin postpartum holding her twin girls


A few days ago I turned to my husband and mentioned how amazing our baby capsules are. They are car seats, that pop in and out of the car, onto the pram and you can move the baby without waking them- essentially it is every new parent's dream. So with that conversation, I thought I would share a list that we believe have made our lives so much easier with newborns. This is completely unsponsored, and is simply an honest list of what has worked for us.


1. Capsules

We chose maxi cosi capsules as they click into our pram. This is our top #1 must have. They are life savers for busy mums, I can put the twins to sleep in them, then pop them in the car, do school drop off and head to work all whilst the twins stay fast asleep. Pretty much perfect. Not only do they allow the twins to sleep from capsule to car, but they click into my pram too. (WINNING!)

2. Baby Bjorn

"ONE" This is our baby carrier, it is amazing for those witching hours and times the twins want cuddles but we also need to prepare dinner, do the washing, feed the boys, work and everything else we try and squeeze into one day!

3. Pram

Our pram is a bugaboo donkey. These are quite expensive, however we love it. It has two bassinets, two seats and adapts for us to attached the twins capsules onto it also. Pretty much perfect. It also folds down pretty small for a double pram, allowing us to take it in Nath's 7 seat car even with the back seats up!

4. Electric Swing

After forking out quite a bit of money for an expensive brand swing (4moms mamaroo) I regret my purchase. I also bought a fisher price lamb swing for half the price and have ended up buying another one as it is so so good. Remember ladies, price doesn't always mean better! (We also have the fisher price travel swings too as they're amazing for work!)

5. Sound Spa

That womb sound became our best friend pretty quickly and when the girls hear it they know that it is sleep time! It is a great device for sleep cues and has helped with the twins sleep heaps.

6. Swaddle Wraps

We have a few different brands- love to dream, ergo, baby studio and the best are the love to dream ones as they can suck their hands for comfort. Initially we were using wraps, but would always find that their little hands snuck to the top and woke them up within the hour.

7. Play mat

We have placed the twins down on their padded 'mat' since birth for nappy changes, play time, tummy time and even sleeps- It has been great to have somewhere to lie them down that is just 'theirs'. I hope that helps some of you when deciding what your essential items are for your newborn. I know that everyone is different, but without these items we would have found life in general a lot harder. I would also love to hear your 'top 3-5' must have items incase there are some sneaky secrets I don't even know about! LOL

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