10 Journal Prompts To Manifest The Life of Your Dreams

10 Journal Prompts To Manifest The Life of Your Dreams

Manifestation is a powerful source. It helps you pull your thoughts into reality. People all around the word practice manifestation and this is because it truly works.

In order to create what you wish to see, you must challenge your mind to discover what it is that it wishes for. 

Take these journal prompts to help guide you through this process.

Think about each question deeply and let the answers guide you towards your manifestation journey. Map out what you want to see from your life and create the vision into your reality. 

Write down your ideal day. Describe what it looks like from the moment you wake up, to the moment you lay your head down to rest.

  • What is your dream career? List 5 things you’d need to get done in order to accomplish that goal.
  • Map out your bank account. What are your financial goals?  Plug in the amount of money you would love to see in there. Be realistic. How much would you like in your checking account? Savings account? Would you want any Investments? Be specific.
  • What relationships do you have in your life? What would you like from these relationships? Describe the bond you wish to have with these individuals. 
  • How do you define success? Describe in detail.
  • What could you do everyday that made yourself feel loved?
  • Is there a passion of yours you had when you were younger that you’d love to rekindle? Do you have a passion that inspires you and lights you up inside?
  • What are your core values? 
  • What personality traits would you love to cultivate for yourself?
  • List your biggest goals in your life - if money wasn’t an issue. The top things you’d love to accomplish for yourself.

The key to making your life into what you dream of - is knowing which important questions to ask yourself. Remember to check in with yourself often and really describe what you want to see out of your own life.

You have the power to create whatever reality you wish to see. 

“If you’re serious about changing your life - you’ll find a way. If you’re not - you’ll find an excuse”

Make sure to take a moment every so often to check in with these prompts. It’s important to set a clear vision in your life in order to manifest what life you want to live.

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