10 Ways The Universe Sends You Messages

10 Ways The Universe Sends You Messages

The universe sends strong signals and messages all the time. The trick is to be aware of them. In order to receive the signals, you must be open and aware of what’s going on around you.

The key to receiving messages from the universe is to be present. Live in the moment and take in all that’s around you.

Don’t miss what could be meant specifically for you!

Here are 10 examples of ways the universe could be trying to speak to you. 


1. Open Doors - Opportunities


Have you ever had random opportunities spring up at you? Sometimes you get an offer at work or a friend invites you to a wedding, spontaneously? These things don’t just happen on accident or out of the blue. They might seem like they are - but really, some of these opportunities are meant to provide you down a certain path. 


2. Closed Doors - Missed Opportunities

It’s easy to feel distraught or feel down when an opportunity falls through. But, try not to. Most times, the universe is helping you in these situations. Sometimes, that path that the opportunity was trying to lead you on was not the right path for you. 

Most times, this actually results in leading you to bigger - brighter things. Note how much this opens you up to more opportunities to come.


3. Lost connections

To add, people come in and out of your life all the time. It might seem hurtful when you lose touch with a certain friend. But, remember that this could be the universe doing it’s job. Maybe that person didn’t serve you in a positive way. Think about this person. Were they providing you with the encouragement and positivity that you need on your journey right now?

If not, the universe finds it easy to take these people away from your life. It hurts now but it will only serve you for better, later.


4. Recurring individuals

In contrast, there are some people that continue to come into your life. This is not by accident. Sometimes, these people come to us to teach us lessons. Maybe they hold a message from the universe. They speak to us and provide us with knowledge that serves us with purpose. You will know when you come in contact with these individuals because their meeting will feel like a coincidence. As if you were “meant” to meet them. Listen to these people and open your mind to their words. They could be providing you with some important lessons.


5. Dreams

As you probably already know, dreams are a big vessel for messages from not only the universe but your inner self. It’s important to allow your dreams to show you what they need to and work on figuring out the signals it could be drawing to you.

Meaning, try and make it a habit of keeping a pen and notebook by your bed. If you wake up with a dream in your head, practice writing down what you saw. 

Some dreams are questionable, but more often than not - they hold a message somewhere. This tells you much about your life and the path you are taking. Often times it might tell you to dive into a new opportunity, or maybe to hold back from something or someone. 

Take note and learn from them. 


6. Arriving at Rock Bottom

When life gets overwhelming, it’s easy to assume that the world is out to get you. It’s can be so tough and weigh heavily on our shoulders when everything comes crashing down at once. One powerful quote to remember during these times is: 

“The good thing about rock bottoms is that there’s nowhere left to go but up”

This is powerful to remember because the universe will always have a plan for you. It might feel like it does not have one during certain moments - but it always does. 

If the universe took everything away from you, it probably means that you were being led down the wrong path in general. It needs to strip everything away in order for you to start back again. Start new. 

Have faith in the universe as it would never put you in any kind of situation you couldn’t handle.


7. Arriving at a spiritual high

In contrast, the same goes for an ultimate high. Sometimes, your life feels like it is just all aligned. Everything fits seemingly in place and you feel right in the moment. In the presence. This is in fact a sign from the universe that you are on the right path. Hold on to this moment. 

Recognise what it is going on in your life to make you feel this way. This could be life-changing because if you can make habits, rituals, and a plan to keep this going - the universe will feel heard. As a result, it will reward you. 


8. Deep “I just know” Feeling - Intuition

The universe is strong enough to live inside of you. It guides you and helps you feel deeply. This is true when it comes to Intuition. You hold the power within yourself to know if you are making right and wrong choices in your life. The universe uses you as a source to help guide you. Trust these feelings. The “I just know” feeling is because you do know.



Repetitive or coincidental songs are a message from the universe. When you hear certain songs over and over again, or if a song pops up at a really interesting point of a conversation, I encourage you to wait and listen. Sometimes, the universe uses songs or the radio to give you a message. 

Listen to the words. Search up the lyrics if you have to. There is a reason why certain songs play at certain points of your life. Allow yourself to recognise it. 


10. Synchronicities

Lastly, this is the most well known sign from the universe. Synchronicities are messages directly from the universe to you. A direct line. 

This could appear to you in constant signs. Repetitive coincidences. Often times you get a big rush of intuition telling you this message has a deeper meaning. When you recognise it, the universe will reassure you with sending you more. 

For example, my brother in law passed away a year ago. On the day that he passed, I saw butterflies - everywhere. Packs and packs of butterflies, the most I had ever seen in my life. Since that moment, butterflies have shown up absolutely everywhere around me and my significant other. In tattoos on loved ones, jewellery, gifts. The coincidence is uncanny. It’s important to take in this message as it has been reassured by the universe various times. 

You will know when it is a strong message towards you.

Final Note

Slow down. The universe is always watching out for you, so it’s important to take the time to return the favour. Be present. Stay aware of your surroundings. 

Realise that you being in this world is not a coincidence. You were meant to live out your purpose and because of this, the universe will do whatever in its power to help you get there. It’s up to you to be open, mindful and accepting of this. 

Welcome the gifts that the universe wants to share with you.

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