12 Days of Christmas 2017!

12 Days of Christmas 2017!

My annual 12 Days of Christmas was amazing!

12 days of giveaways including some of my favourite brands that I cannot live without.

I spent a lot of time compiling the best list possible for you guys this year and I *think* you loved it as much as I did? (Please let me know on Instagram!)
It's such an amazing feeling being able to bring some joy into the lives of some of my followers.

So here are the brands that got involved this year...


Salis Society is the swimwear line Ash and I have poured our hearts and souls into.
I wanted to make a splash with my 12 Days of Christmas this year ;) and kick off by giving away some pieces from our first ever drop!

What better way to do that than give a handful of you an exclusive first look at our first collection, SWELL. 


I may have been a little biased but I was freakin' excited to give one of you a copy of my baby, MACROS!

Like a gift that keeps on giving, you and your family will love the recipes in MACROS for years to come.

If you haven't heard yet... every.single.recipe in MACROS includes its macro breakdown and calories.

You don't have to re-enter a single ingredient into MyFitnessPal (yes, you can throw your hands up into the air!!!) once it's added in!

Add the macros in 'Quick Add', and you're good to go.

DAY 3: The Yard Family

For day three, I scored an amazing rug and rustic rope from one of my favourites, The Yard Family. This rug is identical to the one I have for the kids and has certainly made some rounds in our family. I keep this in the back of our car or in the office so the kids can 'set up camp' anywhere. These rugs are so durable and stylish!

DAY 4: Happy Way

The TASTIEST protein I have ever come across!
I FINALLY got to share the taste explosion with one of you for day 4.

The team at Happy Way gifted me half a year's supply of their most popular flavours gahhh! There was the classic vanilla, the vegan chocolate, the coffee (my obsession!), salted caramel and of course berry.

For any of you still eager to try Happy Way, use my code 'HAPPYSOPHIE' at checkout for a cheeky discount.

DAY 5: Bohemian Skin

The team at Bohemian Skin provided me with an amazing gift pack for one of my followers this year. As many of you know, if I didn't use Bohemian Skin, I wouldn't be using much skincare at all! I like to keep it super natural and super simple with my skincare!

Even suitable for pregnancy, Bohemian Skin epitomises NATURAL. It is the first thing I grab for in the shower! I use the gel cleanser daily, and apply the facial mask on top of any pimples to dry them out overnight when needed. 

DAY 6: Nuts About Life

Health is my passion - helping people every day to live their healthiest, strongest lives. I still get blown away thinking about the thousands of men and women who have changed drastically due to The Bod.

Whether it be a physical or mental transformation - results always come down to nutrition.

So with that being said, I teamed up with Nuts About Life to create a delicious hamper full of my favourite pantry fillers and must haves!

DAY 7: MC Activewear

I am slightly obsessssssed! The MC Activewear range is so comfy and luxe!
There's nothing like an amazing pair of leggings and matching crop to make you feel like you can take on the world! ...or at least take on your workout!

MC Activewear gave me a $300 voucher to share with one of my followers and I secretly wanted to keep it... 

DAY 8: Be Coyote

Day 8 was a huge giveaway including AMAZING products from Be Coyote.
By Coyote is one of my go to makeup brands, and alternative to other brands that don't offer natural cosmetics!

I often get asked about whether I wear makeup whilst training.
Sometimes I do - if I'm busy and can't get my training out of the way in the morning, I'll workout in my makeup. But with Be Coyote I have peace of mind that their breathable products won't clog or block my skin.


I think everyone knows EBONiiVORY for their activated charcoal teeth whiteners.
But did you know that they also have collagen face masks, coconut oil pulling treatments and eye rescue masks?!

EBONiiVORY gave me the ULTIMATE PAMPER PACKAGE for one of my followers.
There won't be a need to step foot in a spa or salon for a year! 

DAY 10: Eden Zoe

Day 10 was all about Eden Zoe and 26 (one for every letter of the alphabet!) 14k gold filled pendants!

The beautiful team at Eden Zoe not only gave me 26 beautiful necklaces, but monogrammed each and every one.

All the way from A to Z! This necklace is the one you guys always see on my Snap and ask me about!

DAY 11: Vani-T

This is the tan I have sworn by for over a decade! If you know me, you know Nath does my tan from home with my Vani-T home tanning system. One lucky lady will now never go pale again...!

On top of the tanning system,  Vani-T also supplied me with A HOME TANNING BOOTH! 

DAY 12: Springfree Trampoline

This is the same trampoline the boys have and love! Yep, you read that right - a freakin' trampoline! Springfree gifted me with a compact round trampoline with a jumping surface of 2.5 METRES to give away!!!

I knew this could make one family's Christmas this year truly special. It was the perfect way to end the 12 Days of Christmas.

Sophie Guidolin 12 days of Christmas promo with springfree compact trampoline

What's at the top of your wish list this Christmas? Share on my Instagram!

Sophie x

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