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2017 - My goals & my announcement (PRETTY MASSIVE)!

Watch my announcement here!

Getting into a bikini to go to the beach or pool can be daunting after you have a bub, let alone twins. So when I sat down with Nath to reevaluate my next ‘personal’ goals for 2017 - my heart started to thump and the sweat started to drip. I aimed BIG! The last time I competed it was March of 2014. I went to America and competed at the Ohio Arnold Classic. The home of ‘The Arnolds and the most amazing honour to represent Australia on the stage over there. When I placed 5th in the world at the event I was THRILLED. Being a mum of two at the time and being able to rock the bikini and the comp made me feel amazing. If I could do it, I KNEW others could too!

In the last three years... I have married my best friend, I gave birth to my beautiful twin girls, opened a 24/7 gym facility and continue to work alongside my new life as a mother of 4!

The twins are now one year old and are FULL of energy. There is never a dull moment in our life, that's for sure! My goals after I gave birth were:
  • To regain my strength- tick. ;) I am officially the strongest I have ever been! This is something I am pretty proud of, because I have scoliosis, lordosis and was involved in a car accident. They thought that weight lifting would never be able to be considered after my injuries and back problems! (massive YAY for me!)
  • Then I wanted to push my fitness levels- tick! ;) Pull-ups for days, even progressing to weighted pull-ups was something I set as a personal goal. Following The Bod (Maintenance) since having the twins has allowed me the freedom to not have to think, just do- and get the results! Then, I got the news that I had ruptured one of my implants and rotated the other one. This meant a full chest reconstruction and lift was required almost immediately (massive set back). I took five months off training my upper body and focused on my squats and lower body training.
  • But, I set myself the goal of regaining my strength pre surgery, and again TICK ;) Goal achieved.
You may notice a trend here, I am HUGE on goal setting because when you throw it out there, you work towards it to achieve it! Now, I need a new goal. I spent the last few years helping so many girls get to the stage and getting goosebumps at the thrill of them stepping on stage. I love every minute of it. The training, the heels, the posing, the glitz and glamour and the personal accomplishment once you kick your own butt with any self-doubt.

So, after three years off, Nath and I have made the decision that I will once again, jump on stage and compete in just 6 short weeks!

Those who have followed me for a while will know that my bodyfat doesn’t change. I stay the same year round so a ‘prep’ for me (in bikini) is super achievable and something I encourage others to aspire to. It is not unhealthy, I still get my periods and I don’t take any fat burners, etc. The worst thing I am guilty of is my coffee addiction! Haha I believe that as a bikini competitor it should be an achievable ‘jump on stage’ whenever look. We are not ‘bodybuilders’ or figure competitors and thus I honestly believe that bikini should be achievable. However, in the last three years, everything has changed! Besides the fact I have now had an extra two babies (via c-section!) the posing has changed, the judging has changed and the entire competition is increasingly more competitive. There are SO many beautiful banging girls on stage now that every single girl looks REDIC!

So, whilst I would LOVE nothing more than to do all of my squad proud, jumping on stage with one year old twins in the crowd is a pretty MASSIVE (terrifying!) goal for me at this point!

Now more than ever, I will REALLY need all of your support and encouragement and would LOVE my squad behind me at my first comp since having the twins! I will VLOG every week to take you all on my journey from learning the new posing to picking my bikinis and more. I want you all to be as heavily involved in this as my coach (Nath) is! Let’s call it #sophiesquad Knowing I have hundreds of girls behind me, won’t make me any less nervous. However it will certainly make me 100% accountable- even if I have to be pushed out onto that stage! Hahaha I just cannot wait to show you all what is truly possible when you set your mind to a goal, stick with the program and want something! Regardless of where you are in your journey, NOTHING is unachievable. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight- but if you truly want it, you CAN achieve it! Now, let’s splash some glitter over these muscles and SHINE ON!!!

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