2020 Goal Setting

2020 Goal Setting

As 2019 rolls around to an end we tend to reflect on a lot of the negatives that may have happened over the year. That is a very common practice with myself and with most people that I speak too, we tend to dwell on the negatives as a whole.

So, I want to encourage you all to spend some time over the next couple of days to analyse not only what your biggest lessons of 2019 were, but also what your biggest positives were too.

Once you reflect on 2019, you can start to plan and prepare for 2020 with intention. 

When it comes to planning for a new year, I want to encourage you all to swap your resolutions and change them to goals instead. I believe that when we set goals for ourselves that reflect our core values and beliefs, we are truly living with intention and living authentically. 

When you start planning your 2020 goals, I want to encourage you all to set SMART GOALS:



A=achievable ⁣



Before you start to plan 2020, I always find it’s best to buy a big yearly planner that shows the entire year on it. Put it on a wall somewhere so that you can easily see it every day. By having a big planner, you can start with your 12 month goals and then work back from there.

5 keys areas in your life that you could set your goals for are:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Spiritually
  • Careers
  • Self development & Growth
  • Relationships

Once you’ve got your 12 months goals sorted, you can then break them down into 9,6 and 3 month goals. Once you’ve broken your goals down, you will see how much easier it will be to achieve them over the year.

Once your goals are set, you can then put in an execution plan of how you’re going to achieve them. The best way I find to do this is by using the planner and time blocking your weeks in advance. By putting time blocks in your planner and setting aside time in your week to work on your goals, you have no excuse when it comes to working on them. 

Make sure you also add all of your other life tasks to the planner to like work, family time, appointments, etc. Treat your goal time blocks like you would any other appointment, it’s a non-negotiable that you have to do.

By having everything planned out in advance, you can clearly see what you have coming up. I find it’s best to look at your planner each night so that you wake up with a clear vision of what you’re going to achieve that day.

Don’t be too hard on yourself either, if you have a setback or something goes wrong, that’s okay! Life happens! Take it as a lesson, maybe reassess your goals and move forward from there.

Here’s to an amazing 2020 to each and every one of you! 


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2020 is just around the corner, so how can we get the most out of where you want to be, how we can get there and what we want to achieve! 🤷🏻‍♀️⁣ Did you know you have everything you need within yourself? 🥰⁣ Set aside a few hours, grab a yearly planner/calendar, a week to week diary and lets smash 2020 together!!! ⁣ 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Here are my steps before 2020 is here:⁣ 1. Choose GOALS over resolutions!⁣ 2. SET SMART GOALS:⁣ ☑️S=specific⁣ ☑️M=measurable⁣ ☑️A=achievable ⁣ ☑️R=relevant⁣ ☑️T=time⁣ 3. Break them down into 3 6 9 12 months ⁣ 4. Work in these different context areas: ⁣ ✔️HEALTH & FITNESS⁣ ✔️CAREER ⁣ ✔️RELATIONSHIPS ⁣ ✔️SPIRITUALITY ⁣ ✔️FAMILY ⁣ ✔️PERSONAL GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT ⁣ 5. Set a life of INTENTIONAL LIVING ⁣ 6. Create an EXECUTION plan to achieve goals! ⁣ ⁣ Once you have your goals set out- let me know them below 👇🏼🌸 if you’re struggling with your goals or need help- let me know ❤️⁣

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