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There's no one you spend as much time with than you do with yourself. So why wouldn't you be placing priority of your own happiness at the top of your list? Every single person deserves their own happiness - but not everyone experiences happiness in the same way. We are all individual with different interests, dislikes, hobbies and passions. So focus on YOU, and surround yourself with what makes you happy, while avoiding anything that does otherwise. Here are some tips that can apply to anyone looking to lead a positive, happier life.  Let go of what you can't control When you boil it down, there is no benefit to dwelling on things out of your control. If you CAN control it, by all means do what's necessary. But for all things out of your hands, just let them go. Spend your valuable time thinking about the constructive, positive things and invest your thoughts in what will progress you as a person. While sometimes easier said than done, if you're struggling to let go completely - try and distract yourself. Healthy hobbies and reflecting on things you're grateful for are an effective way to distract yourself. Appreciate and be inspired by the things around you that are beautiful. Be inspired rather than jealous. You have something to offer that nobody else can. This is why appreciating the amazing things around you while still knowing your worth is so important. Finding inspiration in the things around us is what creates innovation and new ideas (but never forget that you yourself sparks inspiration and motivation in others too). Spread happiness Think of it like before you begin a workout - you don't expect to feel great afterwards. But 9 times out of 10, you always end up feeling so much better than you did before beginning. Paying someone a compliment costs nothing on your end but gives the recipient the greatest feeling. This is a selfless action you can't help but feel good about afterwards. Paying it forward is truly an incredible way to transform someone you care for or a stranger's day. Surround yourself with what you love This is one of the easiest ways you can uplift your mood and improve on a bad day. If your environment is draining you, making you feel down on yourself or affecting your mood - remove yourself. Of course there are some situations we can't help - but if you know that you can switch the bad out for the good - do it STAT. There are certain things that give us those feel good vibes - whether it be music, quirky memes or a text to a friend - we need more of these things in our lives. Do something small for you each and every day Even the tiniest step toward your goal is a WIN. Try to make a small, conscious effort to get closer to your goals everyday. Whether that be though jotting down your plans for the upcoming future, waking up that bit early to train, setting aside an hour each weekend to meal prep... This could even be as small as waking up ten minutes early to get more organised or speaking to a friend for some motivation to keep going.

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