5 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

5 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Do you ever feel like some people are just born with an abundance of creativity?!?

If, like many of us, you struggle to find inspiration in your day-to-day, don’t panic! Like a muscle, creativity is something you can cultivate and develop with practice and hard work. Simply sitting back and waiting for inspiration to hit you in the face isn’t going to work, instead we need to focus on how we can start stretching those creative muscles again. 

Here are five ways to help get those creative juices flowing…


Instead of taking a hot shower immediately after your workout, why not tap into your creativity? Research suggests that a heart-pumping sweat session can boost creativity and spontaneous thinking. So next time you need to spark an idea, get your body moving with THE BOD

Eliminate negative thoughts

What we tell ourselves matters. If your inner voice is negative, it could be the very thing holding you back from creativity, happiness, relationships and ultimately, success in your life.

The good news is, you can consistently work on shaping your inner voice to become an empowering, motivating, and creative place for you and your thoughts. By taking away those negative thoughts and being too hard to yourself, you’re freeing up space to focus on you, your needs and yes, your creativity!

Find out how you can transform your inner voice to a positive place in my recent article here.


A journal is a great way to reflect and also to help focus on new goals or ideas. Writing down your thoughts and feelings each day allows you to follow your creative process and track and expand on any ideas you have. Whenever you have a spark of a new idea, write it down and continue to build on it. Once you start, your creative juice will start flowing!

Change your surroundings

It’s time to mix things up - step away from the same old scenes you see every day and visit somewhere new. Whether it’s taking a walk on your lunch break, jogging a new route, or even reorganising your personal space - new surroundings can help engage your brain with new ideas. 

A few small adjustments in your surroundings could translate to a significant creativity boost. 


Meditation draws your mind back to the present moment and allows you to take a moment to reset. This ultimately helps uplift your mood, make healthier choices for your life, and helps unlock your creativity. Meditation comes in many different forms but you can find my step-by-step guide to beginning meditation here

What’s your favourite way to boost creativity? Let me know in the comments below! 

Sophie x 

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