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A day in the life of Sophie

A day in the life of Sophie

… (Feb 2017) I find I am having to do these blogs more often as my life changes, our business evolves and our children grow. Everyday appears to be different. So whilst this a generic ‘day in the life of’ this is only relevant for our present day-to-day life at the moment. A typical day in my life is crazzzzzy to say the least! With 4 children and a business to run there is always something to do! I am in the midst of preparing a 'day on the plate' for you all after many requests, so keep those eyes peeled!


My alarm clock goes off! Wahhhhhh- I am not a morning person so I love my sleep ins, however when life is a constant battle of fitting things in- it becomes a battle of how many more hours can I fit into my day. Eat breakfast I've been making overnight oats so that A) I don’t make noise in the morning and wake the kids and B) it's delicious! Breakfast with mum and baby in the kitchen  


Gym time I train before my kids wake up so that I don’t impact on any of my family time, morning routines and getting everyone organised for the day.   Lean fitness model in the gym posing


Home and morning routines I quickly have a shower and get dressed whilst Nath makes the bottles before the twins wake up at 7am.


Twins Awake The girls have a bottle (yes still ;) The boys have breakfast. I pack their lunchboxes


Leave home Depending on the way is dependant on who is leaving. We have an in home carer three days a week for the twins, rather than daycare (twins are expensive!). The other two days Nathan and I do a day at home each. The boys go to school, we go to work. Our gym is 24/7 so it never stops.   Kai and Ryder boys in their school uniform  


Boys come home from school


Preparing dinner. While this happens, the boys do homework and we do more organising for the kids and the following day.




The twins have a bath


The boys shower


All kids go to bed


Nathan and I work - reply to clients, emails, check-ins, business enquiries, etc. I make the boys' lunches the night before and organise any of my meals for the next day. I get any washing that needs doing done.




At the moment, life is crazy busy. Owning your own business means that the hours never stop, but seeing our clients' results and being able to have our children with us most days/times is great. I'm the type of person who loves to be busy, I don't like not sitting down and getting bored -  which works in my favour because with my lifestyle there is no way that can happen! LOL For more of an understanding of my day to day life, subscribe to my youtube and watch my VLOGs here!      

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