A Thermo Appliance for Every Budget

A Thermo Appliance for Every Budget

A thermo appliance for every budget

I took a look at some of the other all-in-one appliances available now via Choice's comparison site and with some of the machines as low as $389 - you don’t need to spend over $2,000 to take advantage of my new Everyday Thermo book!

So, what are the main differences between spending $300 and under $2,000? Let’s take a look at some of the options below:

  • Bellini Supercook | $400
  • Kogan Thermoblend Pro | $400
  • BioChef Mycook | $899
  • Kenwood CCL45 kCook Multi Smart | $1699
  • Mistral Professional Ultimate Kitchen Machine | $389
  • Thermochef Natura | $795
  • Thermomix TM5 | $2089

So what does a Thermomix actually do?

Thermomix makes weighing, mixing, chopping, milling, kneading, blending, steaming, cooking, beating, precise heating, stirring and emulsifying a breeze in only the click of a button or two.

Thermomix can:

  • Cook pasta and rice
  • Steam fruit and vegetables, meat and fish
  • Stew meat, vegetables and fruit
  • Boil and simmer liquids like sauces, soups and chowders
  • Chop and mince up meat, nuts, herbs and vegetables
  • Crush ice and frozen fruit
  • Blend fruits, frostings, soups, sauces, smoothies, milkshakes
  • Puree vegetables, fruits and special diets
  • Grind coffee beans, sugar and nuts
  • Mill into flour wheat, rice, nuts and grains
  • Knead bread dough, pizza dough, pasta and pastry
  • Whisk egg whites and yolks, frothy milk for coffee, and custards
  • Grate hard cheese, chocolate and nuts
  • Emulsify mayonnaise, salad dressings, body care products and cosmetics
  • Weigh liquids and solids
  • Keep heat at a certain temperature for yogurt, butter, cheese, baby food, chocolate, delicate sauces and fondue

What can’t the Thermomix do?

The Thermomix is a pretty amazing kitchen appliance, but it can’t do everything. So, here is a list of things you can’t do:

  • You can’t roast food. The Thermomix will boil and simmer, but it can’t do it dry.
  • You can’t fry food. So if you like to brown the meat and onions for a stew before you add the other ingredients, you’ll still have to do that on the stove
  • You can’t pressure cook food
  • You can’t bake food. You can mill the flour, mix the batter and knead the dough, but you cannot bake the cake. You’ll have to turn on an oven
  • You can’t dehydrate food. You’ll need a food dehydrator for that
  • You can’t preserve food. It’s not a fridge
  • You can’t freeze ice cream. You can mix it up in the Thermomix, but you need to either use frozen ingredients when blending, or freeze it after blending

With this in mind, it is important to remember that whilst a thermo appliance is (in my humble opinion) life changing when you grasp the functions, it will only work if you are willing to work also.

If you have thought about buying a thermo appliance, but nervous about the price tag - it is certainly worth the shop around to see if there may be a better machine that suits your budget.

I hope that this has helped you in making your decision. If you do decide to jump on the thermo appliance bandwagon, make sure you check out some of my recent thermo blogs (links below) where I provide some free recipes, helpful downloadable resources and a how-to guide.

Sophie x

Disclaimer: This article is not connected with or endorsed by Thermomix Australia, Vorwerk International, the creators of the Thermomix, or any other appliance manufacturer.

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  • Sophie

    Thank you for sharing that Rebecca! xx

  • Sophie

    Hi Emily, thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so happy that the printable is helping your family and can’t wait for you to use the book xx

  • emily

    Hi Sophie so excited for your new book. I have a Bellini and love it I use it all the time was the best birthday present I think I’ve ever got! Thankyou for your printable as now hubby and daughter can use it to without having to get the manual out. x
    Love all you do Thankyou

  • Rebecca Vogelzang

    FYI Thermomix is currently $1589 with loads of payment options including interest free for 24 months which is around $18 per week! ❤️

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