Healthy Eating Australian Food Pyramid Graphic

After 15 years, the pyramid has been updated!

Finally, a step in the right direction for Australians!

No more junk!!! It's completely gone from the food pyramid! A great step in the right direction for nutrition and wellbeing within Australia. In the wake of Nutrition Australia releasing a new Healthy Eating Pyramid, the first update in 15 years, I want to provide some tips for you all looking for something even further to help you make healthy food choices, for you AND your family! So why the change? Nutrition Australia Victoria Division, Executive Offer Lucinda Hancock said 'the latest health survey data shows that the average Australian is getting more than a third of their daily energy intake from junk foods, while less than seven per cent of people eat enough vegetables and only half of us eat enough fruit.' Let's recap those figures:
  • A third of Australians receive their daily energy intake from junk foods
  • 7% of people eat enough vegetables - what about the other 93% people?
  • 50% of Australians eat enough fruit
Given the above figures, it was obvious Australian's aren't following the recommended dietary guidelines. Nutrition Australia wants to get the message across, in the simplest way for people and I want to help! Does this figure surprise you?

So, what has changed in the pyramid?

  • Firstly, the new pyramid cuts through the misleading information and fad diets and provides Australians with a credible, flexible and realistic guide to eating well.
  • Secondly, rather than cereals, grains, pasta, bread and rice- it has been replaced with vegetables, legumes and fruits! TICK
  • You will then notice that in the old pyramid, we had sweets, cakes, sugar loaded snacks and soft drinks- this has not been replaced with essential fats.
Last night saw an interesting response on my Instagram feed, when I posted the new pyramid and asked for your opinions on the update! Check it out for yourself- Essentially more and more people were commenting that they would have either liked no meat or dairy products OR the direct opposite- A larger meats, poultry and fish divider. Jump on, and have your say! So, what exactly are MY thoughts on the update? I love it! I think it aligns very closely to the percentages that we use when programming for our clients. The only thing that I would personally change is the essential dairy section, why you might ask? Check out my blog on dairy here.  When thinking about nutrition and overall wellbeing, I love the way the pyramid has been set out, rather than heading to a takeaway shop, it makes you want to go into a fruit and vegetable store and buy an apple- which I think is what nutrition Australia were setting out to achieve! Overall I think the updates were long overdue and a great reminder as to how important nutrition is on our health! Still looking for delicious meals to make that are healthy for you and your family? Head to my recipe books and check out the amazing, delicious, nutritionist written recipes for every occasion!  

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