Announcement: Cleo Harper x Sophie

Announcement: Cleo Harper x Sophie

I still remember the first time I ever put on Cleo Harper, my first thought was ‘how is something so beautiful ever going to be supportive’. It was backless, feminine and everything I would ever want in a sports bra.

The first time I wore it, it was the most supportive bra I had ever worn. I instantly contacted the brand and shared my delight- this mind you, was in 2015. 7 years ago.

My relationship with the Cleo Harper brand has come along way since then- I have co-designed multiple collections, worn and loved every piece and have spent a lot of time in Cleo Harper both in the gym, but also as my go to Athleisure brand.

Cleo Harper

When the opportunity arose to work with an international brand I had always dreamt of, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity- which I am so grateful for, however being able to connect back to my roots has cemented the feeling of alignment within my life.


Being back in Cleo Harper is a dream come true and I’m so excited to share what we have in store with you all for 2022!!!

Sophie x

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