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We have all seen it, most of us have experienced it. Typically seen in the thighs, bum or even the stomach. Sometimes referred to as the orange peel syndrome, as you get the same rippled effect as the skin of an orange. But the one question everyone wants to know? How do you get rid of cellulite? Well, lets start by discovering what cellulite actually is; Cellulite is the underlying connective tissues bulging with fat beneath the skin. It is caused because of lack of circulation to the area. Numerous reasons can be at the root of this- lack of exercise, nutrient deficient, too much sitting or even clogged arteries. A huge thing I also need to point out is that cellulite does not only target those who are ‘obese or overweight’ but it is also the reason the term ‘skinny fat’ was invented.

What causes cellulite?

The biggest factor is genetics. Dehydration- you need water to keep your blood flow circulating. Hormone changes. Sitting down for long periods, on your bottom- meaning no circulation around your butt and thighs! Poor diet.

How can you naturally banish the cellulite?

Get moving!

Circulation is the key for cellulite, so get that blood pumping!

Dry body brushing

A great way to trigger a sluggish lymphatic system!


Drink loads of water, on average you need 3-4 litres of water a day!

Diet and correct nutrition

Stop the build up of fat in the connective tissues, by eating less saturated fats, processed foods and high sugar loaded meals. Do creams work? Usually cellulite creams are marketing as the miracle cream, whilst some may ‘help’ they do not completely dissolve the fat. The way they work is as an active heat cream, they work by bringing blood to the surface. Do they work? In my opinion no, especially considering the amounts of chemicals they have loaded in them, which your body absorbs. (Considering your skin is the largest organ on your body!) Eat right, stay tight- Sorry! I had to use that somewhere in this blog! :P But in all honesty, eat right, exercise daily, drink water and continue a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

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