Beach workout using The Bod Bikini


DO YOU EVER GET THOSE DAYS WHERE HITTING THE GYM IS HARD? The weather is stunning, and summer is just around the corner. Moving your workout outdoors is not only great for mental stimulation, it increases energy and positive engagement. Vitamin d warms the heart and decreases stress from a bad day, anxiety and even depression. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors and start breaking a sweat! You’ll go for longer as you'll be distracted by the beautiful environment ;) Grab a girlfriend and your booty band from my latest lifestyle guide The Bod Bikini, and finish it off with a walk along the beach!

The Bod Bikini exercise section includes:

  • Shoulder workouts using your resistance band that comes with the guide
  • Upper body resistance exercises
  • Booty and lower body (best pump ever!)
  • Functional sessions for a full body burn
  • Core sessions to keep your midsection tight and toned
  • and a FULL exercise glossary so you know you're performing every move with great technique
Your body won’t know what it’s getting itself into! Challenging yourself in different ways will help keep you from falling off the bandwagon, curb any oncoming plateaus and change up your routine. That's where The Bod Bikini comes in! If you love to get out in the sun, why not do your Bod Bikini workouts in the backyard or bright and early as the sun rises? If you’ve had a bad day at work, why not destress with a Bod Bikini workout? Getting out and about before you head home will take all your day’s stresses out of your head and the last thing your brain will have is a great workout. You can easily fit it into your lifestyle and make it a part of your daily routine. Watch Sophie performing one of the bod workouts on the beach on her Instagram here.

The Bod Bikini Summer Essentials Kit includes:

  • Your own medium resistance band (medium strength and perfect for a variety of exercises)
  • Custom, Brazilian cut and limited edition Bod Bikini! (Jet black with string ties)
  • The Bod Summer Essentials Recipes and Exercises


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