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Chicken Sushi Rolls from My Kids Eat Volume 2! RECIPE BOOK COMING SOON!

Chicken Sushi Rolls from My Kids Eat Volume 2 Recipe Book!

Pre-sale drops October 1, 2018! These easy Chicken Sushi Rolls are from the My Kids Eat Volume 2 Lunchbox Ideas chapter - which is packed with 32 pages of delicious Lunchbox Ideas! Get ready for amazing kid-friendly recipes, surprise giveaways and more for the entire pre-sale!



  • 4 chicken tenderloins (300g)
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 2 teaspoons coconut oil
  • 8 large slices square wholemeal bread (360g)
  • 1/4 cup (75g) mayonnaise
  • 2 sheets nori, quartered
  • 4 baby cucumbers (160g)
  • 1/2 medium avocado (125g)


  1. Toss chicken in combined with soy sauce and honey in a small bowl. Heat oil in a small frying pan over medium heat. Add chicken; cook for 2 minutes each side or until just cooked through. Remove from pan. Cool. Cut tenderloins in half lengthways.
  2. Trim crusts from bread. Roll bread with a rolling pin to flatten. Spread bread with mayonnaise and top with nori. Cut cucumbers in quarters lengthways; cut avocado into eight slices lengthways.
  3. Divide chicken, cucumber and avocado among bread slices; roll up to enclose.
  4. Cut each roll into four pieces.


Cook the chicken and prepare the remaining ingredients, except avocado, the night before. Assemble rolls close to serving.


Nori sheets are high in B12, which benefits the central nervous system, and iodine, which is crucial for normal growth and development of the body.

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