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Choosing the right bikini for your body

It’s officially 12 weeks until summer! :O You’ve ramped up your workouts - and now it’s time to pick the perfect bikini that compliments your body shape the best.

You are going to rock that bikini body!

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and each person naturally distributes weight in different areas of their body. What may fit you, may fit someone else completely differently. I want you to look and feel your best this summer. No hiding under sarongs or covering up any flaws. Flaunt your body and use the following tips to ensure you're complimenting your favourite features.


Always ensure you measure your hips at the widest point, waist at the smallest point, and your bust at the fullest point. Swimwear is supposed to fit tightly when it’s dry, as it can increase up to half its size when wet. Sizing can vary between brands and manufacturers which means the same size medium from one company, may be different to others. Ensure you read the fine print! Secondly, choose colours that highlight the features you'd like to show off. It can be as simple as bringing your eyes out. To highlight or slim, use a solid colour (such as black). My favourites for pale skin include black, khaki, maroon or deep tones. Whereas I love deeper toned skin and bright colours together! (fake tan anyone!?) Thirdly, use flattering cuts or shapes like ruffles in areas you're trying to add volume to or hide. High-cut bikini bottoms make your legs look longer (especially if you have a long torso). If you’re trying to emphasise a particular area, wear frills, bows or patterns. A one-piece will hide your waist (especially shirred panels over the stomach), and simultaneously give you an amazing sillhouette. Halter tops and triangle tops draw attention to the bust, whereas tie-up tops at the front of a bikini helps to bring the breasts closer to one another, effectively making them look larger. The straight across cut is great for a large bust as it minimises.

The following descriptions on body shapes will help best describe your body and what swimwear you should look for or avoid;

Pear body shape – If you’ve got the curves to rock the bottom and you’re more petite at the waist and bust. This means drawing attention to your top half (if you prefer!). Bandeau tops will make you seem wider to give that hourglass shape. Try having fun with frills or ruffles as well as brighter coloured tops. To enhance the bust, wear halter necks. As for bottoms, try wearing a solid colour with adjustable tie sides and nothing too 'busy'. Apple body shape – If you're bigger at the top half of your body with a slimmer, lower waist and lean legs. You may hold some extra weight around your stomach. This means drawing attention to your bottom half and taking the emphasis away from your bust. Wear bright or patterned bottoms to draw attention to your waist and legs. Swimsuits in a full colour block or patterned pieces on the sides will give your mid-section a slimmer look. Wear tops with thick straps as these will narrow your shoulders, whilst supporting your bust. Steer well clear of bandeau tops if you’re an apple as this will draw more attention to a wider bust. Hourglass shape – Flaunt whatever parts of the body you'd like! If you’re an hourglass shape, your bust and hips are well proportioned with a narrow waist. Ensure you wear sets and not individual tops and bottom (don’t go for a top with heaps of frills and your bottoms as basic as this will put more emphasis on your bust). Wear adjustable side bottoms so it won’t dig in and it’s easier to adjust. Straight or rectangle shape – If you’re straight up and down, or rather athletic with no significant difference between your hips, waist and bust. This means you may like to create the illusion of volume on your top and bottom. You can do this by wearing bright colours, along with prints, frills or bows, etc. to create the illusion of curves (if this is what you’ve like to achieve from your bikinis). I hope this article is useful for you when selecting a bikini for your body shape. Your bikinis are like your uniform before going into battle! Embrace the curves, the marks and scars that make us, us. With this in mind, don't forget about the launch of The Bod Bikini. Perfect for you regardless of your shape, age or size. The bikini that will be included in a ‘summer essentials kit’ will be a jet black, Brazilian cut bikini that is perfect, bold and even has tie ups on the bottoms, with just enough cheek to suit all shapes and sizes. Click here to see more on The Bod Bikini! I can’t wait to see all the amazing women of every shape and size rocking their bikinis this summer. This summer, let’s make a pact; Here’s to getting your best bod yet, while embracing your bod at every stage and step of the way.

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