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Choosing The Right Coach For Your Needs

Choosing the right coach for your own personal goals is essential in reaching your goals. 

Would you go to an Italian restaurant for a Chinese meal? It probably won't get you the desired outcome and meal you were hoping for. The same applies to your coach, all coaches are not the same. If you want to learn how to perfect your squat technique or perhaps it hurts when you deadlift, my suggested coach would be either: A weightlifting or strength coach. A lot of personal trainers are not experienced enough to teach correct 'strength coaching'; especially free weights. I highly suggest ensuring a qualificiation in strength coaching has been undertaken if this is your goal. If you want to compete in a fitness competition, my suggested coach is a certified comp prep coach (Recomp certified is my suggestion). This can be the difference between an 'easy' prep and struggle street. I have heard HORROR stories from girls who have had to exercise 3 hours a day, have no carbs etc - which (of course) effects their work/home life too. Do your research - speak to past clients, see qualifications and ensure that they are the right fit for you. If you want to learn where to start in a gym, get a PT- grab a friend and go halves in the cost! A lot of PTs will be able to write you a tailored program to suit your needs, teach you how to perform the exercises and be there as required.

If you want to lose fat, tone up and be motivated whilst exercising- join a bootcamp or challenge that gives you the support you need.

A group setting can be an ideal environment for those who want the extra push and motivation!

If you want to focus on your athletic abilities and fitness, sign up to your local (reputable) crossfit box.

Crossfit often gets a bad wrap, however with the right coach, an understanding of your movements and remembering that working at YOUR own abilities, rather than lifting too heavy Ensure your technique is always on point, technique over weight everyday of the week and you will be fine. Perhaps its the nutrition you struggle with, and you're looking for a nutrition plan. However, you're allergic to nuts, you're a vegan and you are always tired.  See a registered sports dietician, that way you know you're getting the right amount of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for your body every day. Looking for a nutrition plan to lose weight, tone up and gain muscle?  A qualified nutritionist will be able to help you reach your goals.

Looking at mastering your bodyweight movements?

A gymnastics coach will teach you inner strength and balance like no other. As you can see above, there are SO many different coaches, that all specialise in different things. Choosing the right coach to suit the outcomes you desire is all apart of getting the results!

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