Comp's over, now what? | Goal setting inspiration

Comp's over, now what? | Goal setting inspiration

I've brought my first goal of 2018 to life, now what?

Continuously goal setting is a first. On top of that, nothing really changes - I keep doing life and stay on track with all my commitments. Some people can easily forget that a fitness competition requires time and effort. Effort I have, time not so much haha! But yes, my life didn't revolve around prep - more, I had to make prep fit in!

Throughout my entire comp prep, I had a business to run, employees to manage, a gym to watch over and four kids to juggle!

Everyone is caught up with their own commitments. These are mine. And yes, there will be goals that require you to bend over backwards to achieve - but trust me, you can make it happen. If I can, you can. What I wanted to talk about more in this blog was the 'aftermath' of achieving a goal. It could take you weeks, month or even years to reach a personal goal. And once you reach it, you're filled with an overwhelming feeling of achievement and content. You've proven to yourself, 'Yes, I actually can'. From past experience and from what many around me have told me, after that immediate honeymoon phase, it can become a bit ... dull. You strived for so long, and now the sparkle of that end goal has kind of diminished. You can feel a little lost, and be searching for more purpose. I want you to prepare for and prevent this kind of experience from happening again.

This is what you can do AFTER you've reached a goal.

To move forward after you hit that milestone...
  • Extend your goal

    The first thing you should be doing while in the midst of heading towards your goal is have your own personal check-ins. Diarise or keep notes on your journey throughout, and track how you're progressing. If it's looking a little like this, and progress is looking good - that's an awesome sign. This means you can not only think about your immediate future, but beyond that too. Think about whether this goal can extend further once it's achieved. If you hit a goal weight, could your next goal be to change body composition and gain lean muscle? Or could you turn that goal into something more performance-oriented and aim to be able to squat 100kg, or do 10 chin-ups in a row?
  • Create a new goal

    Maybe you'd like to go down a different path, or your next aspiration is completely different. It could be to learn a new language, get that promotion or run that marathon. Whatever it may be, an entirely new goal requires entirely new guidelines. You will need to set aside time to jot down exactly what it takes. And no skimming on the details either! Keep your ambitions specific. The broader it is, the harder to hit, I say.
  • Pick a weakness

    Determine your next goal or next focus on something you hate. Yep, I said it! Or maybe you don't hate it, but it's an area you know you have room for improvement. For me, I suck at push-ups, so focusing on them rather than avoiding them is a not-so-enjoyable yet rewarding goal to set for myself.
  • Take a break

    Take a load off! We can only be Superwoman sometimes, right? When you're so close to the end, you sometimes forget why you started. So taking a break can reignite that spark, and return the enthusiasm that went missing somewhere along the way.
  • Do it for fun

    Whatever it is, do it for fun. After working on it for so long, sometimes it feels amazing to do it for the same reason you picked the goal in the first place: Because you love it! If you're a runner and have been training months upon months for that 21k, how amazing will it feel to go for a run after that at your own pace to enjoy?

What is your next goal going to be?

Need even more inspiration for your goal setting? You'll love my new release book More than Words, coming April 18th. Sophie x

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