Episode #6 - Girl Chat Q&A with my Bestie Tessa

Episode #6 - Girl Chat Q&A with my Bestie Tessa

Today one of my best friends of 13 years, Tessa dropped by to do a Q&A. We will be covering Tessa's thoughts on my new man, how we first met, our biggest lessons from each other and so many funny stories.
  • Top 3 / Bottom 3 
  • Who is Tessa and what makes her tick 
  • How did we meet? 
  • What are our best and worst habits
  • The best thing about our relationship 
  • Best memory together
  • Biggest lesson we have learnt from one another 
  • How do we handle disagreements
  • Who is Tessa's favourite of my kids 
  • Does Tessa like Sophie's new man
  • How can we authentically show up for each other
  • Biggest achievements together 
  • Why does Tessa live with me 
  • Best life lessons
  • Have we ever been jealous of each other
  • What is the most intimate experience we have had together 
  • What is our funniest memory that we have shared 
  • Describe each other in 3 words 
  • How do we help each other when we are hurting 
  • Our periods & if they sync together 
  • If we had a theme song what would it be
  • Where do we see each other in 15 years 

📖 My Book Worm:
How to do the Work by Dr. Nicole LePera

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