It has been a little while in between ‘personal’ blogs... So I thought now is the time to sit down and fill you all in what has been happening in the crazy chaotic life that is mine.


Ironically, as I type this I am sitting in the hospital waiting room. My fingers are crossed that Nathan gets out of theatre very soon- 6 hours since I said goodbye.

People often say that our life must be incredibly busy with four kids, but I feel that very rarely people actually ‘get’ just how totally insane it actually is.

Kai and Ryder are older now (almost 9 & 10) however whilst it gets easier in other ways, it certainly gets harder in a lot of other ways. The girls are turning 2 in August, which is a ‘fun’ age also. (Insert two crying toddler meltdowns at your feet and you have age 2) At the moment life feels just that little bit overwhelming with 3 weeks of school holidays, the most crazy work deadlines imaginable (insert happy dance of a new release recipe book in time for Christmas here!) Nath’s surgery and more. It has meant taking every day as it comes in order to not stress out- too much!

Let me start with why we are here.

About a year ago Nath was training for his powerlifting competition. During training he was hitting massive lifts which meant a great result if he could achieve them during his meet. A few weeks out from comp his hip suddenly started playing up. But Nathan being as stubborn as a bull continued through the pain. Every squat session he had tears rolling down but he hit every number. During the comp the pain was intense. Unfamiliar surroundings and whilst he did amazing, he certainly feels there is unfinished business within the powerlifting circuit. Fast forward a year and seeing our amazing osteopath trying to avoid surgery, it turns out he was born with a hip deformity` and a laberal tear from a year ago- which requires surgery. He will be aiming to rebuild his strength and hopefully come back better than ever after surgery (stay tuned on this).

The twins are turning 2 next month and whilst I am super excited to see them turning into beautiful little toddlers I can’t help but feel like I am losing my ‘last’ babies.

It has been awesome to have the girls in our life, after I had the boys I never imagined having any more children but somethings it takes having something (or someone) to realise how much happiness they can give your life. Along with the happiness they give us, they have helped the boys to be nurturing, loving, caring and kind. The other thing I have found incredibly interesting is the difference in my own parenting. The difference in boys vs girls, the difference in twins vs singleton and the difference in stay at home mum vs working/business owner mum. ALL totally different. Every pregnancy has been different and every parenting journey has been completely unique also. It blows my mind when parents compare their parenting with others- as my own parenting has been so different just from chid to child- let alone person to person.

Over the next month we are making some big parenting ‘milestones’ with the girls.

The biggest one, they still have dummies to sleep so we will be weaning these out over the next couple of weeks. Again, something that I didn’t have with the boys so is a completely new journey for me. The next is the fun of toilet training, whilst we are still waiting for the warmer weather we will be on the look out for little cues in coming months. The other big transition is the move to ‘big girl beds’ I am exciting for this as it means a new room to decorate! We are running a charity auction to donate our beautiful rose gold cots on behalf of Incy, so stay tuned for that! The boys are growing into mini teenagers and whilst I keep them as sheltered as I can, the outside influencers can be seen creeping. It's a scary thought that we are shaping the next generation. I am just aiming to approach these next 5 years with the mindset of raising the boys to be kind, caring and thoughtful young men. Boys who know the difference between right and wrong. I know that having Nath as their father figure is the best demonstration of that so fingers crossed we survive the ride! Haha

Business wise life has been a mix of organised chaos and crazy!

Adelaide 3 weeks ago. Sydney, then Bali and back again. 8 planes in 10 days was enough for me and I am staying put- for now anyway! I have announced we have an incredible swimwear line coming, which has been a few years in the process. I can't wait to see some of you babes rockin’ it this Summer. The constant battle of trying to keep the booty bands stocked, add in our relaunch of FitBod & Co. (epically rebranding with GOLD mica!)." And last but certainly not least, I have been published by a major publishing company for my new recipe book. I first released ‘Eat Clean, Live Lean’ in 2012. Snce then all of my other recipe book titles have been more ‘niche markets’. From babies, to Christmas and kids. This is my first ‘full’ recipe book release since 2012 so I cannot wait to hear how you all love it! Expect more snack recipes, family meal recipes, desserts, breads and more!

I am also working away on some other goodies coming soon, but for now they’re all still hush hush!

The gym is cranking over- I still can’t believe we have been open for 2 whole years in the facility now! We still find that we are there 6-7 days of the week. But we love the place so it feels like our second home. I can’t wait for our bod babes meet up in November to have even more of you in our facility for the weekend! I knew that being a working mum would be a juggle. But finding that balance is what the struggle is about. With all of the instant media access we have now, people expect instant replies to emails, phone calls and social media. Remembering to turn your phone off at home and walking away to spend those few hours before bedtime is vital. I would love to hear your tips on juggling large families and working? This morning I had just one twin on my own (admittedly for a doctors appointment). I came home thinking that one child would be a walk in the park. A breeze; no pram, no juggling to fit my twin pram anywhere. It was great. Then I remembered how blessed I am to have not just the two at once healthy, perfect children- but four. #pinchme That’s enough from me for now. I am loving seeing your tags and what you’re all up to. Tag me in your workouts and recreations of recipes. #sophieguidolin

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