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Glute Activation with Nathan Wallace

Glute activation is SO ESSENTIAL to those days you're targeting the booty.

I train my glutes consistently - and am forever looking to Nath for tips and advice. I would recommend glute activation to ANYONE (unless your goal is to decrease the size of your glutes). First and foremost, activating your glutes ensures that's exactly where you're targeting. You didn't come all the way to the gym to work your hamstrings when doing your hip thrusts! With that in mind, you are also preventing injury and warming yourself up for what's to come. It is possible to activate your glutes without the use of equipment, but in this case, I'm going to be discussing my go-to booty activator; the resistance band. I will usually go through a range of movements simply to 'fire up' my glutes, particularly before a squat session (or deadlifts and hip thrusts). If you aren't doing this regularly already, try them out and let me know how it affects your training! Nathan took the time to film a vlog for my channel all based on glute activation and I think you guys will find it very informative!

Watch the vlog to learn more about:

  • The exercises Nath recommends to warm up the glutes - and where to place your booty band
  • Suggested reps for the exercises
  • Choosing resistances for your band
  • What NOT to do when warming up the glutes (e.g. fatiguing the muscles before the real workout begins!)
  • Mind muscle connection
  • Why firing up your glutes can increase your potential and see you lifting more!
On top of the many glute activation exercises Nath  mentions in the vlog, I have listed a few more of my favourites that are ideal to incorporate into your routine!

Extra exercises for you to try:

  • Banded hip thrusts or glute bridges When doing any kind of thrust, keep your chin tucked in and aim to really feel the burn in your glutes rather than hamstrings. Glute bridges are similar to thrusts, however you hold the contraction at the top. You can perform these from the floor, rather than leaning against a bench.
  • Single leg hip thrusts Performing a bilateral exercise such as the single leg hip thrust helps to decrease the chances of one body part being dominant in a lift. This is a great exercises for beginners!
  • Good mornings Make sure you sit into the bottom position, and don't compromise your lower back. You should feel this movement mainly in your glutes!
  • Frog pumps Like a hip thrust, but with your heels touching to target the outer glutes!
WATCH THE VLOG. If you're unsure of any of these, send me a question on Insta here. You can shop our official Bod Booty Bands here too!  

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