Healthy raw vegan chocolate bark recipe covered in cacao powder

Healthy Raw Chocolate Bark Recipe

I can't think of anything better than homemade, chocolate from scratch!

My raw chocolate recipe is one of my favourite things to prepare. It's easy to make, minimal mess (usually haha!) and always gets a thumbs up from the taste testers (usually me!).

It makes for a thoughtful gift, a quick treat for an event, a healthy alternative to store bought chocolate and a delicious dessert. When you prepare your chocolate, don't be afraid to get messy or creative! We love topping our chocolate with nuts and seeds, coconut flakes and carob chips. You can even mix in some rose water, orange juice or peppermint oil for a delicious flavoured chocolate. Fresh or dried fruit like figs add the most amazing texture to your chocolate bark and goji berries will give you a tangy hit of antioxidants! You may be wondering how chocolate can be 'healthy', but trust me when I say this recipe is equal parts nutritious as well as delicious. There's no dairy, so those with a dairy-free diet can enjoy this vegan chocolate! The cacao in your chocolate bark speeds up your metabolism and aids protein synthesis. It's also known for being a super antioxidant with higher scores of antioxidants than spinach and blueberries! These antioxidants help protect your heart, prevent cellular damage and contribute to anti-ageing. The coconut oil you use instead of the processed cream and milk in store-bought chocolate will add an irresistible and creamy texture to your bark. It's also a well know immune system booster that is easy to digest.

Watch my step-by-step Healthy Raw Chocolate Bark video and make your own batch!

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