Homemade XMAS gifts ideas!

Homemade XMAS gifts ideas!

We decided that this year we wanted to focus more on the TIME spent with each other, over endless presents. 

Together, we did pottery and made homemade gifts- which even Kai (12) loved and begged to go back and do it again! 

Here are our top homemade gift ideas, and check out our own xmas pottery session here: 



1. Homemade xmas baking/balls/cookies/pudding. Wrap it in a beautiful tea towel! 

2. Homemade bath bombs 

3. Pottery 

4. Marmalade or jam preserves

5. Jewellery 

6. Mason jar mixes- fill with brownie recipe or soul mixes

7. Personalised guess who 

8. Hand drawn book 

9. 52 things I love about you deck of cards



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