How Do You Find Your Purpose?

How Do You Find Your Purpose?

Finding your purpose in life has got to be one of the most valuable yet extremely difficult answers in one's life.

Seeking your path not only gives you the direction you need in life, but it also keeps you on track and pushes you to succeed in your goals. When faced with feeling lost, self-doubt and limiting beliefs - it’s powerful to redirect your vision and reconnect with your “purpose”.

What is purpose?

Essentially, purpose is your ‘why’ and your ‘what for’. It creates meaning, helps guide your life decisions, influences your behaviour, offers a sense of direction and shapes the goals important to you.

Knowing “why” you do things and “for what” is life-changing as it provides you with reassurance and comfort that you know who you are and what you’re working so hard for. 

Everyone's purpose in life is different. Only you can decide what your own “why” is. 

How do I find it?

Here are some of the ways you can discover your purpose so you can lead a successful and fulfilled life.

  1. Find your joy

Ask yourself - What excites me to live my life?

Purpose is finding a reason to push yourself. It’s waking up before your alarm clock because you’re so excited for your day. It’s handing in an assignment early or driving three hours to see someone just to make them smile. These things might seem like inconveniences to others - but to you, it fills you with joy.

Make note of these things in your life. When you are feeling lost and confused about your path in life - remember these joys. Going through hard times are worth it when you have a strong enough purpose.

  1. Define success 

This is a very important question that could not only help you when finding your purpose but it helps you on your path to personal development and growth.

Ask yourself - What does success mean to me? 

Does success mean landing your dream job? Is it financial success where you earn x amount of money a year? Is it building a family and a home? Is it being able to travel the world and embark on adventures and sightsee the wonders and all that they have to offer?

Name your success. Note that you don’t have to choose just one but take notice if your successes fall in the same category. They should have a certain trend that allows you to see where you hold most of your “wants”. 

Ultimately, this shows your end goal. Realising what it is you want the most out of life is essential to knowing how to get there. Which brings me to my next point, mapping out a game plan.

  1. Map out your dream

The next step is to break down your dream into a plan.

Take that dream life of yours and map out what it would take for you to get there. Organise a game plan that it would take in order for you to succeed in this goal. 

This very well may take you a while but honestly, it should. This may take you a few hours but it’s important to take your time in creating a guideline. Take your time.

Making a plan brings your dreams to life. Here, you can see with your own eyes just how possible following your purpose in life is. 

Do you have to go back to school? How about saving for a deposit on a house? Whatever your definition was for success - creating a goal plan allows you to create a pathway. 

This essentially provides you with joy and excitement which drives you to accomplish each step. 

  1. Never stop seeking enlightenment

Finally, you could never learn “too much” about your purpose. Open your mind and continue to check in with your purpose often. It’s important to not lose sight of it once you have it.

If you do find that you lose it often - it might not be the right purpose. 

Never stop watering your purpose. Seek different ways to connect with it and remind yourself of your pathway to fulfillment. 

Create a vision board, listen to podcasts, talk to inspiring people who are living their truths. 


Open up your mind and allow yourself to guide you to the top. 

On the path to finding your purpose, it is clear that it can very well take you a long time. What is important is to always keep it close to you, in your mind. 

Knowing what you want out of your life - what brings you joy - is the key to finding what will bring you the most fulfillment.

Helping women to find and embrace their purpose is something I am truly passionate about. It’s why I created my Find Your Purpose online course - to help women lead a life they truly desire. I’d love to  help you on your journey to finding your purpose so leave a comment below or reach out to me on my socials and let’s start creating a life you love.

Sophie x 

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