How Food Can Alter Your Mood

How Food Can Alter Your Mood

As you may have already figured, it’s hard to be in a bad mood when your stomach is happy. Good food = good mood, right?

There is definitely a massive link between what you eat and how great you feel. Food not only affects your body, but it also positively or negatively affects your mind and mental state

Have you ever found yourself feeling grumpy, unfocused, and irritable at the end of your day? It’s easy to chalk it up to lack of sleep or feeling stressed, however a big source of your problem could be what you have or haven't fuelled your body with during that day. 

The food you eat is the key to uplifting your mood and feeling energised throughout your daily life.

Here are 5 daily eating habits that you could use to boost your mood and uplift your day.

1. Don’t skip meals

You’ve probably heard this time and time again, but that’s because it’s so important. Your body needs fuel to run. Lack of food results in low blood sugar levels. This is when you start to feel groggy, run down, and tired. 

Skip these feelings by regulating your eating schedule

Choosing when you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day helps your body stay on track. Eat throughout the day so you feel energised for longer. And remember, not all snacks are created equal! So don't feel guilty for adding a couple of snacks in between meals, just be conscious of making smarter choices and opting for whole food options, such as fruit, vegetables, or Greek yoghurt, to keep you feeling energised and fuller for longer. For more healthy snack options for on the go, click here

2. Stay hydrated

Just like food, your body absolutely needs hydration in order to run effectively. Not only that, but when you lack hydration, your mind loses concentration and focus. 

Staying hydrated helps with headaches, mood changes, and your gut health. The recommended water intake is 8 glasses daily, but you can also find fluids in tea, juices, smoothies and more. My Green Machine Smoothie is always a winner when I need a H20 boost and some extra micronutrient goodness in my day! 

3.Cut down on caffeine

Caffeine can be great if you are looking for a boost in energy. However, this instant solution can lead to issues further in your day. 

Crashes can include, feeling anxious or even depressed when you go through withdrawals. 

If stopping your caffeine all together is too difficult, try cutting down on how much you drink. Cut your intake gradually - instead of three coffees a day, cut down to two over a week, and the following week try to drink just one a day. Your body and your mind will thank you later. 

4. Eating Right

Since food is a big part of what affects your mood, it’s important to pay attention to what you fuel your body with. 

Make a conscious effort to choose great foods that will nourish your body. These foods will keep us physically and mentally happy. 

Processed foods can be tasty due to added flavours and food colouring that give us a temporary high, however they typically don’t give our bodies what they truly need. 

Swap these choices out for healthier choices along the lines of : 

  • Whole foods
  • Fibre enriched 
  • A balance of salmon and lean poultry

If you'd like to understand more about nutrition, I recommend grabbing a copy of THE BOD Fuel, which is loaded with nutrition tips and tricks, plus 80 whole food recipes.

5. It’s all about your gut

Your gut is the backbone of your mood operation. Studies show that 90% of your serotonin receptors lie in your gut. This means, happy gut = happy mind. 

For a healthy gut, you should be implementing eating regularly, including fibre and fluids into your diet, and keeping up with being active

Your mental health is so important, and keeping your mind happy should be a top priority. The goal is to get your mind and body running at its highest potential. Creating a great relationship between yourself and food is a wonderful way to remind your mind and body that it is loved and respected. 

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