How To Feel More Empowered

How To Feel More Empowered

Do you often find yourself admiring those strong, powerful women you see on TV, on social media, in your everyday life?

As women, we can be guilty of comparing ourselves and only wishing to be that fearless, powerful female. 

But you know what? You CAN feel empowered - it’s all in your mind and your actions. If others try to stop you, then they’re not your people. 

Empowerment and feeling confident should be and can be something EVERY woman feels. 

Here are some of my tips on how to feel more empowered in your life:

Set Yourself Goals

Having goals keeps us focused. Set yourself goals in all areas in your life - big and small. Achieving your goals instantly makes you feel better and more empowered - you feel as though you’re on top of your game when you smash a goal! 

Struggling to set a goal? Check out this article I wrote about creating goals that can change your life

Get Clear On Your Purpose

Finding your purpose in life has got to be one of the most empowering yet extremely difficult answers in one's life. 

Seeking your path not only gives you the direction you need in life, but it also keeps you on track and pushes you to succeed in your goals. When faced with feeling lost, self-doubt and limiting beliefs - it’s powerful to redirect your vision and reconnect with your “purpose”.

Knowing “why” you do things and “for what” is life-changing as it provides you with reassurance and comfort that you know who you are and what you’re working so hard for.

Find out more here on how you can discover your purpose so you can lead a successful and fulfilled life.

If you’re looking for further guidance on how to find your purpose and change your life, my Find Your Purpose online course is filled with proven step-by-step step formulas to discover what it is you truly need, as well as powerful lessons in self love.

Do Something You Love

It’s always empowering when you are doing something you love - whether it’s a job or a hobby. If you haven’t found something you’re truly passionate about yet - keep trying new things until you find something that ignites a flame in you. Learning and gaining new skills makes us feel as though we are capable fo anything.

Set Boundaries

If you make a promise to yourself and break it - this transfers into your mind and results in a lack of self-worth. You no longer take your word for what you say, which results in you not following through. 

This might be seen in you cancelling plans with yourself or others, others not valuing you or your time, not finishing tasks you said you would do, or procrastinating on something important to yourself. Boundaries are put in place to make sure that your mental health comes first. 

Read more here for some areas you should analyse about your life and different ways setting boundaries can help change your life positively.

Take Care Of Yourself

Invest in yourself. None of us have time - we have to make time. We often put ourselves on the back burner while we put everyone else first, eventually this leads to us becoming burnt out and feeling completely defeated. 

You need to make time for yourself every single day. Whether it’s a mini pamper sesh in the evening, taking time to read a book or have a power nap in the day, enjoying a walk outside or hitting the gym for a sweat session. 

It’s easy to feel empowered when you’re active - you feel like you’ve accomplished something and you melt away any stresses and negativity. It’s about making yourself feel better physically and mentally. You don’t have to spend HOURS in the gym for an effective workout - we have hundreds of quick workouts over on THE BOD.

Practice Gratitude

We all forget to appreciate the little moments sometimes. Setting some time each day to practice self-care and write down how you’re feeling and what you’re grateful for is SO important to empowering your life. Each day, I want you to write down three things in your life that you are grateful for. I use the Flourish & Fulfilled Gratitude Planner every day to help inject a little more calm, joy and mindfulness into my day-to-day.

Listen To Your Inner Voice

The key to opening your mind and unlocking your higher self is to realise just how strong your inner voice - your subconscious mind - truly is.

We unknowingly hold such immense power in our mind. From the moment you wake up, to the time that you lay your head down to rest, you have talked yourself through that whole day. You can consistently work on shaping your inner voice to become an empowering, motivating, and inspiring place for you and your thoughts. 

Find out more how to transform your inner voice into a positive place by clicking here.

Love Yourself Sick

Empowerment means loving and respecting yourself - flaws and all. As women, we spend years picking at our differences. But this is what makes us unique! Self-respect is a game-changer when it comes to making better life decisions and for living a happier life. Stop caring about what other people may think of you - care about how you think of yourself. The more you respect yourself, the more respect you’ll receive from others. Love yourself sick because trust me, YOU ARE beautiful! 

Every woman can be an empowered woman. It can take time, but it is SO worth it. I would love to help you feel more empowered so please reach out to me with any questions or comments below or connect with me on Instagram @sophie_guidolin

Sophie x 

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