How To Recap Your Year & See Positives

How To Recap Your Year & See Positives

2020 was a hard year for many - we started with the bushfires in Australia, we had riots and lockdowns, we had spikes in domestic violence, breakdowns of relationships and a huge energy shift on a deeper level. 


So when the year feels like it was one big negative, how do we reflect and find the positives?


Here are some of my go-to’s:


Write every single month for 2020 

From January all the way through to December. Reflect on everything that happened individually within your world - the good, the bad, the ugly. If you are struggling to recap - perhaps try going through your social media or your saved stories, your camera roll or your diary. 


Take a lesson from every month 

For me, for example, I turned my entire business off in January and fundraised for those who lost everything in the fires. $1.8m raised - direct to those in need. This lesson for me was there is so much more happiness in helping others than building myself. The other lesson is, I can help others  without sacrificing myself. 

 Do this for every month and see what patterns arise. 


Write a positives and a negative list from each month. 

Reflect on what you want to take away and take forward into the new year. How can you take the lessons, and leave the pain behind?


Set goals in each category for 2021 

Set yourself goals for each area in your life - relationships, health & fitness, spirituality, career, and self development. 


Manifest your goal with my manifestation challenge

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Sophie x

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