5 Ways To Show Support For The Men In Your Life

5 Ways To Show Support For The Men In Your Life

How To Show Support For The Men In Your Life

Men on TV are not the same as men in real life. On TV, most men will sweep you off your feet and are depicted as heroes every other time. Men are still human beings, and real men living real lives feel like crap sometimes. Sometimes, you will see them struggling and dealing with challenging issues. 

However, instead of people concentrating and trying to find solutions to their pain. Men are often told to “Man up!” or “real men don’t cry,” which is entirely wrong! Suppressing emotions can lead to trauma! Everyone’s mental health is essential. Men deserve to feel supported and loved by the women in their life. Here is how you can support the men in your life.

1. Compliment Them

You would think that men are very secure about their looks and sex appeal compared to women. Guys should not care about how they look, what they wear, how they smell, or if their haircut is sexy, right? Well, that is not true. Guys care, especially what the person they care about thinks of them. So, every time you see them, let them know that they look spectacular. If he gets a new haircut, tell him that he looks great.

2. Appreciate The Effort They Put

Even though the men in your life love what they do, there are some days when they will feel like quitting or yelling at their boss. However, they never quit or yell because they want to support you and your family. Taking the breadwinner's role can be challenging, knowing that everyone's needs are on your hands. Sometimes women do not recognise the kind of pressure men go through while sacrificing for their family. Let him know that you know he works hard, and you appreciate it. It is not about the money; acknowledgment can make a big difference.

3. Be Romantic

A healthy relationship has sexual energy and includes flirting. This ensures that your man does not feel neglected and can get distracted from the stress that involves work. Small gifts, lingerie, and candlelight dinners are small ideas that can make your relationship more intimate. Make an effort to show love. If you feel like home doesn't bring out the best sexy version of yourself, you can book a hotel room for a night and surprise your partner. You can remind him of the sexy and romantic things he did before to spark the relationship.

4. Make Space For Growth

Men mostly have to work, and women can feel neglected due to the time they spend on their jobs. However, it would help if you remembered as much as you are partners; people still need time to grow. Give him the trust and freedom to make decisions and grow with confidence. The best thing you can do is find your path so that you cannot concentrate too much on every little thing he does.

5. Put Down the phone

During this era of technology, people are often on their phones, tablets, or watching TV. There are many ways of keeping busy after a long day of work. However, this has increased the space between couples. It is crucial to put your phone down or switch off the TV to talk to your partner. Engage with your partner and look them in the eyes while conversing.

Support can mean a lot of different things to different men. However, it basically means that you are interested in what your man does. It also means that you should let him know that he is employable, competent and capable. Sometimes advice is not the solution to his problems. He just wants you to be by his side.

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