I am now a certified NLP practitioner!

I am now a certified NLP practitioner!

My most important qualification!

It is really important to me to continue my learning, A core value for me is to continue my self-development and growth. I love learning and pushing the boundaries in which we live, believe and base our lifetime on.

About a year ago I was introduced to a concept which is NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) so what exactly is that? It is our brain’s programming of our learnt behavior patterns and replacing them with new desired behavior patterns. Imagine if you mindlessly walked to the fridge each night and snacked whilst watching tv?


How can you change that? Well firstly, perhaps this behavior is so ingrained as a pattern that as soon as you turn the TV on, you instinctually get up and go to the fridge. So what if you could interrupt this behavior pattern and change it to a positive one? Perhaps you change it to be that you get up and get a glass of water each night instead? Or, perhaps you have an argument with someone in your life you have a relationship with and you end up drinking wine to cope?

Imagine if instead, you journaled or had a cup of tea and found out the cause of your issue in your words- instead of getting white girl wasted? With this information who wouldn’t want to learn why we do what we do- when we know what we know?

Need another example? Most smokers don’t want to smoke, they want to quit. So why do they smoke when they don’t want to?

Why not try this- each time you have a smoke- write down:

How you felt

What you were doing

Do this for 14 days- everyday.

You may notice that the pattern of the behavior is not the desire to have a smoke- but a reaction to something else that triggers the behavior.

When we process information- we delete, distort and generalize everything.

Example (DELETE) : the colour of your neighbor’s roof growing up? Probably deleted because it is irrelevant to your day to day life now.

Example (DISTORT): Jenn hates me because she didn’t invite me to dinner. Distorted as there is no evidence of this- it is an assumption, usually a self reflection.

Example (GENERALIZE) : Everyone wears clean undies each day. How do we know this? When we recognize HOW we are processing the information, we are able to change, alter or correct things. Just imagine how powerful that is.

Refrain from saying BUT, instead AND or ALSO. It allows you to see other people’s view of the world.

Start implementing this and watch the changes domino across your life. A few of my favourite take homes:


Your unconscious mind only presents things to you THAT NEED TO BE RESOLVED Whether you think you can or think you cant- you’re right.

Start on what you like, where you want to be- not what you don’t like or don’t want to go!

Example: You want to buy a house mortgage free is a great focus. Rather than: I don’t want to be homeless.

Cause and effect or Results vs Reasons

If something ‘happens’ to you- instead of ringing your bestie and saying: “Fucking Jane (my boss) has made me stay back today until 9pm.” Which is on the cause side of the line- swap it around- jump over the barrier- “If I got my work completed today, I wouldn’t need to stay back today.” Or perhaps “My communication was lacking and as a result, I am working late” I am in control- take charge.

The effect is in your choice. You may not be able to control what others do to you, but how you respond or allow it to effect you IS in your control. When you move to the cause side it means results, more power in your choices and more control to choose the life you wish to live = empowerment

Anxiety is ALWAYS from the root cause of fear. Once you figure out WHAT you are fearful of, your life can change.

Everything in NLP is a do with, never do to process. If someone wants to change, they can- but you cannot force someone to change.

PERCEPTION IS PROJECTION The person you dislike the most is your projection. What you don’t like about that person- is you. Information is sent to cells- the same way every time.

I hope that gives you a little more information as to why I invested so much of my time on learning the teachings of NLP and allowing my mind freedom to be able to choose a life of fulfillment instead of being at the effect of everyone else. ;) I cannot wait to adapt these teachings within my business and help you all even further! 

NLP has changed my life and I hope you will allow it to do the same for you, why wouldn’t you?

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  • Ali Dawson

    Hey Sophie,
    I remember you mentioned on IG who you did your course with but I can not find it anywhere. Would you mind sharing again?
    Much love xx

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