IG LIVE | Juliet Allen | Sexologist | 19th April

IG LIVE | Juliet Allen | Sexologist | 19th April

I was so excited to facilitate this!

We covered so many different things in this chat, including what to tell your kids about sex, naming their genitals, libido and more! 

This convo has come about after I was shamed for being so open with my sons, nudity, and who I am as a person- with normal body functions- like periods and masurbation etc 

I spoke a couple of weeks ago about connection in relationships and sex being a huge intimacy connector- people were mortified by the sex we have. 

Some of the questions within the LIVE chat were: 

Can we chat a little firstly, about the stigma behind slut shaming and shame surrounding sex? Why is sex such a taboo topic? 


There is a common theme amongst these, the first theme being surrounding talking to our children about sex, so I will read out some of the questions relating to this and then move onto the next theme: 

-My 10 year old son walked in on me and his father having sex. What should I have told him and how should I have reacted? 

-When is the best time to talk to kids about sex and how?

-Should sex talks with the kids also include consent, realistic sex expectations, and enjoyment? 

-How much should we tell young children about how babies are made etc? 

The next theme is in relation to frequency- of sex, masturbation, intimacy and foreplay- I will read out some of the questions we received in relation to this: 

 -How many times a week should you be having sex for a healthy relationship? Asking for a friend :) 

-No foreplay or intimacy. Theres quantity, just not quality. I am never satisfied #selfishlover 

-Coping without any intimacy during lockdown- recently single. 

-How many times per week is considered a ‘good sex life?’

-Is too much masturbation bad? Iso Probs haha

Which leads into sex drive and libido: 

-Ways to increase sex drive? I love my sexy husband I just cannot find time or prioritise it.

-8 Months postpartum, 2nd baby, breastfeeding, Zero sex drive this time around. 

-How to have sex everyday, should it be themed, structured, what and how.

Then finally, I will ask a few more, if we have time to get through them: 

-I have never had an orgasim and I have been with my partner for 3 years- is this normal? 

-Are all women capable of an orgasim, or is it a percentage of women that will never receive one? 

After sex, I feel over whelmed and shamed,  maybe past trauma- how to move on? 

How to tell your partner it is not always over when they’re done. 

What noises are normal and how do you know what is normal? 

I have never had an orgasim and I have been with my partner for 3 years- is this normal? 

I struggle to initiate sex with my partner, please help? 

Lastly, sex should be enjoyable and consensual, Juliet has an online platform called pleasure school- which I myself am in- and loving. You can head to her Instagram to follow her podcasts, where she regularly covers these topics and more! 

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