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I am sitting here, diary in my hand, phone in the other - flicking WEEKS in advance!

My next 'free day' is IN JUNE. How is that a) even possible? b) JUNE!!!? I've been meaning to catch up with one of my friends for weeks, no months now. I love her, I have an amazing time, I love her company but… I've got four kids. I don’t really know how else to describe my hectic schedule other than... with four kids comes so many different unexpected events, occasions and before I know it another week has been and gone and its Sunday again! Before I had the twins, I was still able to have some sort of social life. Nowadays, it takes me 4 days to call my girlfriends back, 3 months warning to catch up for a coffee and don’t even get me started on planning a night time event. Because the truth is, at the end of my day I would rather sleep. Now that the twins are 18 months I have decided to work 4 half days, rather than my previous 3 days in hopes to get on top of my work load AT work, and allow me to be more present at home and god forbid- even have a day OFF on Wednesday! This is yet to become the case, instead filling even more of my days with work, meaning more unfinished work coming home and more nights on the computer tying up loose ends whilst the kids are in bed (so I don't have to do it when they're awake).

Let me break down just one snippet of my day for you.

This morning I am rushing everyone out the door by 7:30am so we can get to school and work on time.. Ryder pipes up with “Mum, I think my ear is leaking…” Yep, that’s a giant ear infection right there! So I schedule in a doctor’s appointment... And there you have a two hour chunk out of my day that I just didn’t see coming! Kai turns around and says 'I broke my school shoes today'. So with half an hour to spare, I had to duck to the shops to get new shoes (see the pattern here?) LOL. Between sports, homework, school drop offs, pick-ups, lunches, uniforms, reading, dinner, nappy changes, naps, grocery shopping, dinners, cleaning, washing, (my actual work) running a business (that is 24/7 mind you) - I am left feeling like I am a really crappy friend… So if it takes me a week to call you back, 3 days to reply to your text and a month to catch up…

I’m sorry!

It’s not you, it’s not me- it’s just that I am so so incredibly busy being ‘mum’.   #themumlife #imashitfriend #howisitalmostmay #ihopeyouunderstand

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