ISO 101: Amp Up Your Mental Game With An Online Course Sophie Guidolin

ISO 101: Amp Up Your Mental Game With An Online Course

If you’ve been stood down, or your work has dried up, or you’re thinking about creating your dream career (#LifeAfterIso), this one’s for you! For those of you without kids (or those super parents!) who want to use this time valuably, now is the ideal time to further your education.  

If you’ve already watched everything on Netflix, and you’ve made banana bread multiple times this week already, and your brain is slowly turning to mush - why not consider learning a new skill online in this crazy time of quarantine? 

Stretching your mind has so many benefits right across your life - you’ll feel reinvigorated (especially important when we’re all feeling a bit ‘meh’ right now), you’ll increase your value as a potential employee or maybe take the first steps towards becoming a mumpreneur. You’ll be a brilliant role model for your kids who are also learning from home this term, and you’ll apply those new skills in so many facets of your life. Social media, fitness, crafting or language - there are a million courses out there to dive into.

Here are a few of my top picks:

(Please note these courses are recommendations only, not necessarily somewhere I have studied.)


You know I am ALL about whole foods and nourishing your body. I always say 'nutrition controls your body fat, training controls your muscle size'. If you want to get healthier, be inspired to incorporate new foods into your family’s diet, make a positive transformation in your community and understand how the food we eat influences our energy, mental clarity, health status and immunity, a course in nutrition might be for you.  

When Ryder was young, he suffered from eczema and psoriasis, which started my journey into nutrition. I wanted to explore foods that would support his skin, minimise inflammation and reduce his flare ups. Whether you’re motivated by a family member like I was, you want to carve a new career, or just learn more about nutrition, gut health or weight loss for your own health journey, a short online course in nutrition could be for you. I studied at FIAFitnation, however all their courses have now sadly been discontinued as of June 2021, BUT there are still plenty of great courses out there online - I suggest doing your own research to find what works and suits you best.  

Online nutrition courses are a great option - you could complete it within 6 months online, or if you’re juggling work and kids, you’ll easily complete it in a year (studying about 15 hours per week).

You’ll learn the psychology of over-eating, how to write meal plans in accordance with Australian Dietary Guidelines, how to advise clients on achieving weight-loss goals through nutrition, provide online nutrition coaching and group workshops - so you’d be able to work 1:1 with clients, or conduct small groups. (And if lockdown continues longer than any of us hope (!) this is a career you could definitely launch from home.) 

Personal Training 

Becoming a personal trainer has hands-down been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Seeing women transform their whole lives by valuing what their body can ACHIEVE rather than what it looks like gives me motivation to continue every single day. (And god knows, as we come out of iso packing a few more bulges, we’re going to need dedicated trainers to remind women how powerful their bodies can truly be!). 

Digital Marketing 

If you have an eCommerce business and are wanting to learn more, some great workshops you can explore are here:

 Online Cooking

Total klutz when it comes to the kitchen? Or your OS trip has been cancelled so you want to bring the tastes of Indonesia / Greece / Japan home? Check out online cooking courses. The best bit - you get to eat the results of your studies! 


This is one of those dying arts. If your childhood memories include bobbly jumpers from nana and clumsily trying to click those knitting needles together, dropping stitches left and right, now might be the time to start.


I have spoken about the complete transformation my NLP training brought about to my mindset, marriage and mojo. I’m a loud and proud mindset advocate - truly, everything begins with your attitude. We’re navigating a ‘brave new world’ right now, with job losses, financial pressure, mental pressure, relationship pressure - our homes have become pressure cookers of emotions when we are all stuck in together! If ever there was a time for exploring self-development and communication, it’s now! 

Learn a language 

So you can’t get to Paris right now. How about learning French so you can live like a local when you do? Online language skills have been around for decades. Now might be your time to have a go.

Tres bien!

Read - and then read some more!

The other suggestion using this time could be to check out my favourite reads of 2019! I’m always looking to add to my reading list.

Comment with your faves below! 

Disclaimer: The courses mentioned in this article are recommendations only, not necessarily somewhere I have studied. I recommend doing your own research on finding a education provider that is right for you and your needs.


  • Kate

    Hi Sophie! Thanks for all the ideas and links to resources.
    Question – I find NLP very interesting and would love to learn more. Where and how would you recommend learning and practising more NLP? (any free resources? I’ve found a lot of introductions and basic info on youtube or websites for paid courses…)
    Thanks and all the best! xx

  • Terri

    Hi, Thankyou for this blog and fresh motivation 😊 do you have a NLP coach course you’d recommend ?

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