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An article from the Courier Mail a while back read that the number one life goal of Australians is to ‘have no debt’.  The number one current ‘unmet’ goal for Aussies is to own a home. What are YOUR life goals?

Another strong player was to achieve a work-life balance, something I think a lot of us are guilty of neglecting a little.. The common factor between these goals is the need for financial freedom. Being financially free has its own meaning for individuals. But if being debt free and being an owner of a home tops the list for so many Aussies, it’s safe to say that a stable income comes into play. Today, career choices have no limits and can be defined however you want it to be. Entrepreneurs, small businesses and crowd-sourced ideas are expanding every day. There’s no career path so farfetched, that you can’t do it. Whatever you life goal is, small or big, we live in a time where we’re not held back by limitations. If you have an idea, but you're not sure how things will pan out - the best thing you can do is TRY.

The decision to try can lead to two things:

It works out, and your fears from before seem distant and silly! Or, you might not get what you expected, but it's a lesson learnt. Remember that whatever your goals may be, they should come from your own desires, dreams, ideas, values and beliefs. There's no point in having a goal that is driven by others unless you truly want it for yourself as well. Why? Because there's no greater source of motivation than yourself! A simple way to stay motivated and disciplined, is to repeat affirmations personal and uplifting to you each day. Even if you have to write it on the back of your hand, or have it as your screensaver. Repeat these affirmations to yourself so you never forget why you started.

'I will fight for it', 'I refuse to give up', 'I WILL reach my goal'.

So, how do you ensure that your goal/s are being met?

Ask yourself these daily questions:

1. Have I done something today that is bringing me closer to my goals? Putting your plans into motion is why goals are goals and not just dreams. 2. Are you celebrating the wins? (Even the small ones?) 3. Are you ignoring setbacks and focusing on the bigger picture? 4. Am I reflecting on my goals each day? 5. Is your mindset a positive one? What do you think of these daily questions? What are your personal affirmations that keep you going? Let me know on Instagram! Sophie xx

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