LIFE UPDATE! Where is 2018 going?!

LIFE UPDATE! Where is 2018 going?!

My life update!

Ahhh! This weather is just so unpredictable- 27 on the weekend, -3 this morning, I mean do I need a jumper and beanie or my thongs? We are FLAT out (as always!) here at the moment so I thought I would send you all a little update and email to fill you in! We have some exciting new launches brewing and one project that I have been working on for YEARS is starting to take place. I have had a small hiatus (unintentionally from snapchat, vlogs and facebook). In 2018 my resolution was to read more books and have a better work life/home life balance, which is really hard juggling 4 kids and running a 24/7 business. When I am not online, I am usually in the kitchen working on my next project or developing and writing the next program- which means I never really ‘stop’.

To start 2018, I travelled to Ohio, LA, Pittsburgh, Fiji, Melbourne, Sydney, Mexico and New Zealand- all in the space of 6 weeks!

And my goodness it took it’s toll on not only me, but missing out on my family time and the projects I am working on. I am so proud of my achievements thus far in 2018. I mean, I achieved my 8 year goal of turning pro and it still blows me away that little old me, from Adelaide, with 4 kids can achieve something like that! As soon as I landed back in Aus, I threw myself into the planning for our annual BOD weekend and it was such a huge weekend with over 180 men and women from across the globe- again, mind blown!

I had been putting off a surgery that I required for the last year and that date quickly rolled around before I knew it and here I am, slowly recovering! In order to achieve my resolutions, I needed to shift my focus to my family and it has been a great couple of months without always being on my phone, so a huge thank you to everyone for your love and support during this shift! I am back on Snapchat (@sophie_guidolin) and it has been so beautiful receiving so many messages from you all saying you missed my mug- which is super cool! I have used these few weeks to get stuck into our household cleaning and organisation which was long over due! When was the last time you cleaned out your linen cupboard? Surely towels from 8 years ago deserve to be replaced, yeah?


So, what else have I been working on besides throwing out towels and running after the twins? Cooking more! Ahhh, I cannot tell you how incredible it feels to be back in the kitchen doing what I love. I have found that Nath and I are now spending more time together cooking, which is such an amazing bonding time for us. The boys are growing quicker than I would like and I am struggling to wrap my head around the fact my 11 year old has ‘mood swings’ I am like wow, "Is puberty really happening to me- now? I feel like I only just finished ;)". I am encouraging the kids in the kitchen as much as possible, regardless of the mess it is creating, which has surprisingly resulted in some delicious recipes!

Well that is it from me, I hope you enjoyed my life update and I aim to keep you all up to date a little more, but remember- If I am offline, it means something incredible is being worked on! ;)  

Sophie x

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