My Favourite Bedtime Books to Read!

My Favourite Bedtime Books to Read!

What's your favourite book to read?

So a few of you have been asking me what it is I've been reading at night on Snap.

I am HUGE on reading before bed. It's the ideal time to soak up information. I am always looking at some form of screen for work, so before I hit the hay I'd rather digest words from paper, not pixels. If that's not reason enough for you to get in some chapters tonight... Research by the University of Sussex has even found that 6 minutes of reading can reduce your stress by two thirds! For me, reading is such an effective way to wind down from technology and screens. It gives you a moment to relax and switch off between turning off your devices and falling asleep. Most nights, Nath and I are already in bed and snoozing by 8, but I've found adding in 20-30 minutes of reading beforehand has me waking up even more rested.

These are my current top favourite books to read before bed:

Ash got me this gem of a book earlier this year and it has been such an interesting read. It's really reassuring to know so many others are reading this book and relating to it. Hearing someone else's take on anxiety is a way to cope in its own too. Anxiety affects every individual differently, so at some points of the book you feel like Sarah has taken the words out of your head, and at some points your eyes are opened by how vastly different it can be. This book was recommended to me and I love how easy it is to read and process. The author gives you step-by-step instructions to essentially get yourself out of any financial rut you might be stuck in. He also teaches you how you can achieve whatever your personal goal is with your money. I believe there is always more to learn, so I am often searching for books that can help me grow as a mama, business woman, boss, anything! Less about a specific topic and more about lighthearted reading, Chicken Soup for the Soul is full of uplifting anecdotes. These little stories were written by two motivational speakers to turn the reader's day around, or help them through a dark time. I love reading not only to learn, but also to change mindset - and this book is perfect for that. I always feel so happy and content after reading one of the stories in here! I keep mantras with me at all times. Whether it be saved as my phone background, a screenshot I share with you on Insta, in one of my mantra books or locked in my head. The time has finally come to share MY mantras with you! I have been collecting (and writing!) words and quotes that resonate with me for years to bring you More than Words. There are words to empower when you feel lost, words to ignite motivation when you need a boost, words to get you through a rainy day, and words to remind you how special you are. I am so, so beyond excited for you to see it! I am also going to be signing the first 100 copies purchased.

The pre-sale for More than Words is on the 18th of April, 8am AEST.

Sophie xx    

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