My Tips for Tracking and Weight Loss

These are my top tips for tracking and weight loss.

These tips will apply to anyone with nutrition-related goals who are tracking, whether you're aiming to lose weight, gain muscle or maintain! I have been tracking my food for years. I have found it to be the most maintainable and enjoyable way of life for me. Tracking can truly suit any lifestyle. Take it from me, a mum of four who is on her feet all day, everyday haha!

Track in advance

Avoid any nasty surprises (aka being way over in your protein, carbs or fats for the day) by filling in your tracking diary in advance. I use MyFitnessPal and will track all the meals I know I'm having the day before. What's left will be the macros I have to play with whether it be a snack or an extra coffee. 'Cause mama needs that caffeine hit!

Freeze meals

Make more meals that you're preparing to eat for the week in future. Slap a label on the container and write down the exact macros. We make huge batches of butter chicken, orange curry and other dishes from MACROS, and store some for the week's lunches and the rest in the freezer!

Eat out

Allow yourself to eat out or enjoy a social meal (but not so much that there's a margin for error). While you may have to guesstimate the macros of your meal, this makes the lifestyle less stringent and far more enjoyable! You won't see any blowouts around here!

Time your nutrients

Time your meals according to how your body prefers. I like to have a big bowl of oats (carbs) before I train, and tend to eat more for breakfast and dinner, with a smaller lunch. If you know you're prone to blowing out at night when the fridge and pantry are so accessible, save food for after dinner so you can enjoy it rather than feel any pangs of guilt.

Watch out for fibre

Dietary fibre is a carbohydrate too. If you have ever eaten anything with 'low-carb' on the label, make sure you don't miss any dietary fibre that is more than likely present!

Last but not least, track accurately and consistently.

One unhealthy meal won't ruin your progress, just like one macro-balanced meal won't make you change overnight. Stick at it, and remember that sticking as closely as you can to your macros is your key to fast-tracking your success. Do you want to see more recipes from me that include their macros? Check out THE BOD program, and keep your eye out for a super exciting project from THE BOD later this year! (Here's a hint: lotsa recipes, lotsa macros and lotsa deliciousness). Sophie xx

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