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Pregnancy blog #2! The halfway mark is gone!

Well it’s been some time since I have written an instalment in my pregnancy blog, so I will try and cover a few topics which should cover the most commonly asked questions.

What is my training like at the moment? How has it changed from pre-pregnancy?

Listening to my body has been key, I was really sick for the first 16 weeks so my training was very minimal, as I was barely able to leave the bathroom. Now that the morning sickness has given me a break, I am feeling a lot better. My training pre-pregnancy was high intensity, heavy, and 4-5 times a week. Now? It depends on varying factors. Work at the moment is insane as it's competition season, so my coaching takes priority over my own training. Also, depending on how I am feeling. I did a weight session last week and my body ached for 4 days after, meaning I was only able to train once that week. I did go for a nice beach walk, however to me that’s not really ‘training’- more maintaining an active lifestyle. I am incorporating pilates into my weekly routine twice a week now also as it isn’t high impact, so my heart rate is fine however my muscles still get a work out.

How much weight have you put on? 

4 kilos at the moment.

How is my nutrition, are there any changes implemented for pregnancy?

Pre-pregnancy, my meals were always prepared and followed my nutrition guidelines (in my plans). Whilst pregnant, your body uses even more carbohydrates than normal, and unless the adequate carbohydrate intake is met, your body may decrease in blood glucose levels. If this occurs, hypo glycaemia can become the result. Symptoms of hypo glycaemia are the same as diabetes and include drowsiness, apathy, fatigue, sweating, headache, confusion, etc which should be treated with a simple carbohydrate source such as an apple. If calorie counting is the way you choose to live, you will need to ensure that you are eating an ADDITIONAL 200 - 400 calories per day to make allowances for your growing and developing baby. Apparently for twins, it is 400-500 calories extra! haha Essential fats are super important in the development of the unborn baby. It is said that human breast milk is made up from 7% protein, 38% carbs and a whopping 55% essential fats.

Are you using anything to prevent stretch marks?

I love pure, organic rose hip oil and have been using a few different brands that all include it as the main element in their product. Stretch marks unfortunately cannot really be prevented, and are said to be down to genetics. However we can assist our skin to ensure that it stays hydrated, by using oils and drink sufficient water intake. I did get quite a few stretch marks with the boys, on my lower abs, side obliques, hips, thighs, inner legs and bum, however after 6 years they have faded.

Are the twins identical?

Now this is something that caused some confusion. When I posted the gender reveal and mentioned that we won’t know if the babies are identical until birth, everybody assumed we should know already as they are in separate sacs. There is still a 30% chance they are identical, if the egg splits early enough. Fraternal twins for someone my age (26) is rare, and identical twins (all girls!) is what runs in my family- 3 sets. So the chances are pretty high they will be identical, however we won't do the blood tests unless they require it for medical purposes.

Will you be breastfeeding?

I breastfed both of the boys successfully until they were weaned, however as I have had full reconstructive surgery on my chest the doctors are unsure if my ducts will be intact, I am meeting with a lactation consultant at a later date to see if there is still a chance, however the odds are not great for me now. This breaks my heart for numerous reasons; the ease of breastfeeding, no messy bottles, food wherever you are, no getting up at night- simply grab your baby and you're set, and the cost- woah, formula for two babies is huge! Plus, the health benefits, it is obviously not a comparison when it comes to health that breast is best...the benefits for the mother, including the fact that when you feed, your uterus contracts, assisting in it returning to the pre-pregnancy position faster, no issues with temperature, sterilisation, bottle choices, making sure you have enough food- the list is endless. I will do what I can in my power to breastfeed, however I have had to come to terms with the fact that it may be out of my control.

Are you having a c-section?

I am doing my very best to avoid a c-section, however it comes down to twin A being head down ready to go! Both of the boys were natural deliveries, so I am hoping that assists in the delivery for these two. Bump Photos (probably the biggest request!)  Along with the photos posted on my social media pages, here are some photos to show you the difference from the morning through to the evening, etc   Sophie Guidolin pregnancy photo in the bathroom Sophie Guidolin baby bump during twin pregnancy   ^First thing in the morning vs the night time my abs are pushed to the surface! Both taken same day, 20 weeks. ^     Sophie Guidolin baby bump while lying down Sophie Guidolin baby bump while lying down   Laying down on my back completely changes my stomach, It looks like I have swallowed a basketball now! 3 days difference - 19w 5days  I am so thankful that my morning sickness has gone; however my energy levels are yet to be found! I am in bed by 8pm most nights exhausted! However, at 2am I am wide awake, uncomfortable, heavy and going to the toilet every hour is surely just preparation for when the babies are here. Finding out we are having two girls is magical for me and I have spent the last few days looking at every baby girl site for cute clothes, so if you have a favourite please let me know! Last week I discovered Queen bee maternity, thank goodness! My jeans were starting to hurt when I wore them for longer than an hour and my dresses were not tight in the right places!! Haha Differences from my last pregnancies to this one are quite different- which would be for varying reasons- obviously carrying two babies takes a lot more energy. My energy levels are pretty low, sleeping is a task and my skin is really bad. With the boys I had a HUGE tummy, however my skin and hair were better. In regards to the difference in energy levels it is hard to determine the difference, as with the boys I was a stay at home mum (studying) so had no stress of financial responsibility, no working long hours, school drop offs- and all the work that goes along with having two older kids (homework, meals, laundry etc) I also craved a lot of chocolate and sweets with the boys, whereas this time it is more savoury foods and citrus fruits. Overall, I am feeling good however cannot wait to start feeling ‘myself’ again, even if that is in 2 years time! Haha I have enjoyed being a lot more ‘selfish’ having two older boys and both in school- it will be a shock to the system, trying to still work with two newborns- but I have no other choice than to make it work! I hope that covers most of the questions I have been asked in recent weeks, I will do a blog again in another few weeks but in the mean time, tag me in your nursery inspo and favourite clothing brands or baby suggestions! 

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