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Pregnancy blog #5!

Woah… almost 26 weeks already! That means we are in the final 12-week count down! I had better start PLANNING!

Besides my DIVINE nursery (every time I walk past it I have to poke my head in and look at the amazingness of the entire thing). From the peachy pink feature wall to my double pram and hundreds of frilly dresses, shoes and headbands- I am in baby heaven! So far, the nursery has been painted, and we are now just awaiting the ‘goodies’ to arrive this month. Then, Bel from Petite Vintage Interiors to come and work her magic in July ready for our nursery reveal. This room is like a work of art and everything I could have ever imagined and more for a baby girl (or two!) I am SO excited to reveal it to you all!   Twin baby girl nursery furniture  

We have been getting loads of questions about how we will cope and manage the 2 businesses when the twins arrive.

We have decided to get 2 extra cots for our offices at work as well as the nursery at home. I will also do a reveal when we move offices at work too. (Yes, we have SO much on at the moment, with my husband’s gym expanding next month too!)

A lot of people have asked if I will be taking ‘maternity leave’.

However, as I am the director of my company it leaves me stuck between a rock and a hard place. We as a family can’t financially afford for me to take too much time off. Plus, I love my job and clients. Being able to bring the twins into my work place will make the transition so much easier. I will be sure to upload photos as we progress and how I juggle new life with twins as the time comes!

This week has been the biggest change for me physically.

I had some pretty severe contractions and BIG movements (check my Instagram feed out for the video) and went in to the hospital to be monitored. Turns out one of my placentas are low lying and will need to be closely monitored. Hopefully it moves, meaning I can still attempt a vaginal delivery- not looking in my favour though at this stage. With that movement and contractions saw the girls move from lying vertically to horizontally and are certainly more prominent now. I'm finally feeling like I can ‘dress my bump’ and I really want to get 2-3 professional pregnancy photoshoots done.

I had better get organised so I can always have these memories to look back on.

Sophie Guidolin wearing a red dress while pregnant sniffing a rose   I had an interesting question asked on social media today, which was; “Do you already feel a sense of pressure to bounce back from your pregnancy given you’re in the fitness industry?”

My Response:

“No, not at all. I don’t allow myself to feel pressure from the industry or from others; otherwise my life would constantly feel like a failure. From past experience my body doesn’t ‘just bounce back’. Both times I was left with diastasis recti, left 25+ kilos overweight and struggled to get my pre baby body back. For me, it takes a lot of work and patience. That, and the fact that I believe when you have a newborn you should be soaking up all that newborn goodness and not worrying about physical aspects too much. That, and the first 6 months is hard enough without placing additional pressures on yourself to look a certain way too.”  

I thought this was really important to reiterate to other mums as well.

I think we quite often see super models or celebrities leaving hospital with abs and expect your body to do the same thing. For me, this is just not how my body is. I held fluid after giving birth to the boys, I had extra weight and I was exhausted! I think with this pregnancy getting the boys to school on time with TWO newborn twins would make my day! In saying that, I know that a year down the track I will ‘get my body back’. However after having two previous pregnancies I know that with each one your body changes and it will never been quite the same. Does it matter? Not at all. It’s just different; it’s your mum bod. For me, I was left with stretch marks on my bottom, hips/thighs, love handles, boobs and tummy. They do fade, you can retighten your skin and it honestly isn’t the end of the world as many make it out to be, it is all about perspective.

Carrying two babies will probably mean an exaggerated effect of the above.

However I am getting two baby daughters from my amazing body and their health is really all that matters in the process.

When I first started in the fitness industry I felt a lot of pressure to be a certain way. It left me feeling really uneasy and stressed all the time. I stopped giving into that pressure a long time ago. Just being my unique, bogan, country-girl self and I am 110% happier now more than ever.

The other large change/realization I had to overcome this week was needing a new game plan. The fact I went to see a lactation consultant in conjunction with my doctor to get a clear plan in place for when the twins arrive. Both of my sons were breastfed, and I am very pro breastfeeding so this comes with a huge sense off grief that I cannot give these twins the best start in life as I did with the boys. I have had two complete breast reconstructions and numerous other surgeries due to having dodgy PIP implants. They ruptured and leaked inside of me, leaving me really sick. This is not due to a straight forward breast augmentation. So, now we have had to look into formula, breast milk banks and bottles. This is spmething very foreign to me and not something that particularly excites me considering I am very much a ‘jump in the car’ adventure type person. The realisation that I will now have to pre plan bottles, formula and be extra prepared is not my idea of fun! LOL

So, with that I will put it out to you all- what are your favourite bottles and why?

Along with the nursery and ‘work nursery’ these last couple of weeks have me thinking about getting a little more prepared. After last weeks hospital scare, I realized I haven’t even considered getting my hospital bags or the twins sorted. A lot of twins go into preterm labour, but along with that A LOT of twin mums have to spend some time in hospital being monitored prior to birth. With this coming into our 26th week, now is the time to start preparing this sort of thing for me- so next weeks blog will include what I am taking to the hospital in my bags.

I'm getting asked quite a bit about whether I am having a ‘baby-shower’ and I am still undecided.

I have never had one with either babies and it really isn’t ‘me’ I have never even had a birthday party (ever, like ever in my life) and I don’t feel comfortable with people feeling the need to buy our babies gifts. I will probably have a small bunch of friends meet with an afternoon tea before their birth rather than an extravagant party. The other thing we asked in the last couple of weeks was recommendations for car seats. We have purchased capsules to click into our bugaboo, for my car. However my husband’s car requires seats as his is 7 seater and our only way of getting around as a family. Asking for advice on my social media outlets saw Infasecure the clear favourite. So we decided on the infasecure luxi vogue. Oh my gosh! It is like my favourite handbag in a baby seat!   Twin baby car seats in black and white   Finally, I'm starting to feel like if these babies were to come early we are somewhat prepared for what's instore for us!

I think that is it for now, any suggestions or recommendations for:

  • Bottles or preparation tips
  • Hospital bag packing
  • What to expect with a c-section Any before/afters- or stories I would LOVE to hear. Although yesterday I was reading a pregnancy mag BALLING my eyes. So I may need to be at work reading! Lol
Would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for following my twin journey, Sophie xxx

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