Private Mentorship Application


Most people live life to earn a living, I want you to design a life you love living! 

It is time for YOU! 

Have you ever wondered what life would feel like to be crystal clear in your direction? 

Want to know your values and vision and take back the steering wheel to watch it all come to fruition? 

Coaching and mentorship positions are now open for application for all empowered women ready to make a change and step into their next chapter! 

No matter where you are in your life path, from business owners who are looking for growth and clarity to stay at home parents who want to uncover their own purpose, to procrastinators unable to get anything done. Working together we can help you get clear on exactly where you want to be and the blocks stopping you from achieving that!

From weight loss, to limiting beliefs, addictions, to releasing negative emotions, to timeline therapy and facilitating root cause to enhance deep transformational change we will work together to establish the right tools to move you from where you are- to where you want to be. 

With an overwhelming demand to offer life coaching as an extension to my signature find your purpose course, I am so excited to open up very limited exclusive spots to work directly with me for 1:1 coaching. 

Through this coaching, we will navigate your unconscious belief systems and break down any negative thought patterns to ensure that you are always moving in a positive direction towards your goals. 

Together, with your commitment to growth and my qualifications and experience as a master NLP practitioner we will navigate your unconscious belief systems and break down any negative thought patterns to ensure that you are always moving in a positive direction towards your goals. 

With the prioritisation of self, you will begin to: 

  • Better understand your patterns 
  • Uncover your core values 
  • Navigate your attachment style, your unconscious belief systems and feel better equipped to tackle what life throws your way 
  • Respond rather than react 
  • Live with intention instead of the rat race 
  • Better deal with others perceptions and projections of you 
  • Release the attachment to people pleasing 
  • Learn to trust your gut, your deep intuition and knowing 
  • Get clear on your purpose 
  • Learn how to set kind boundaries 
  • Regain your power 
  • Discover a new level of self esteem and worth 
  • Change your life! 

What is included:

  • It is incredibly important to be clear on the inclusions of these sessions:
  • 1:1 zoom sessions with Sophie Guidolin (60 minutes)
  • Homework and implementation strategies to create change 
  • Resources, book recommendations and personalised coaching to suit 
  • You must fill in the new client form that will be emailed to you 48 hours prior to your scheduled session 

This coaching/mentorship is a good fit for you if: 

  • You are able to reflect on your behavior (you understand you are a human who also makes mistakes)
  • You are ready to commit to dedicate time for your growth 
  • You genuinely want to make changes 
  • You understand that the only way this works is if you do the work (not from seeking answers from anyone else but yourself- including family, partner or me) 
  • You can commit to the session (60 minutes) via zoom in a quiet undisturbed setting (including implementing strategies, turning up on time for sessions and doing homework if necessary)
  • You understand that NLP coaching is not therapy but therapeutic in nature 
  • You can respect the sacredness of our sessions and that I can’t assist with particular issues via email or dm's in between sessions. However, admin and clarification is fine. 

This may not be a good fit for you if:

    • You have been diagnosed with mental health issues that require ongoing treatment from a psychologist or doctor 
    • If you require ongoing support outside of the scheduled session time(s). 
    • Cannot commit to self growth, reflection and scheduling in the time for yourself to implement the strategies given 
A breakdown of 1:1 options are below: 
  • Option 1: 1 Month Immersion (3 sessions in 1 month) $12k 

    Option 2: 3 Month Mentorship PIF $15k

    Option 3: 6 Month Mentorship PIF $22k 


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