Sophie Guidolin postpartum photo in the gym following tbt program|Sophie Guidolin postpartum in the gym showing off her progress|Sophie Guidolin postpartum outside standing on a wooden deck


I am feeling great being back into a good routine!

I'm able to get more organised to exercise, eat right and ensure that I am looking after myself as well as my kids and health. After not doing my check-ins the last few weeks, I was super excited to get my progress done and see exactly how much closer to my goals I am. So, since my last check in, I have lost 1.7% body fat, 1 whole inch on my waist (down to 26") and my hips have finally started to come back in now too. I am also starting to have some ab definition show through!!! (YAY!)   Sophie Guidolin postpartum in the gym showing off her progress

BUT, along with these physical changes, the biggest and best changes I have noticed are in the gym.

I am squatting 60kilos, 10 x3. I'm able to now perform 3 unassisted pull ups, and I am back deadlifting and skipping. I feel these are the last things I was still unable to do post c-section. I still cannot put any weight on my hips/pelvis. So I still cannot do hip thrusts or weighted glute exercises that require weights placed on the hips. But considering I am now still only 3 months postpartum, I am happy with my recovery so far.   Sophie Guidolin postpartum outside standing on a wooden deck I am amazed at how quickly my body has started to respond. Especially now that I am actually trying really hard with my nutrition and training. It feels so motivating to see the progress, but it feels even more amazing to see progress and photos like these on my Instagram feed.

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